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Unboxing & Review of the new 10.5″ Apple iPad Air.

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  1. I ordered the Ipad Air in gold !!! it will be here on Monday!!!

  2. Those who skipped the video during the intro of the sponsor…….LIKE THE COMMENT

  3. Just like all other apple products, this product also suffer from backlight bleeding. :(( We pay 1000s of dollars to apple to get flawed products.

  4. My ipad air 3 gets warm is there any solution to fix it

  5. Here a link for those who are interesting in the iPad: very good!

  6. I hate apple but i grew up with an ipad air….. so i just love this ipad

  7. This guy can review a leaf and I’d buy the leaf if I had enough for it

  8. love APPLE not the prices

  9. iPad 6 is cheapest which support apple pencil ?

  10. Great review, but this isn’t really a review on the air 3.
    It’s actually a comparison

  11. IPad Air 3 vs IPad Pro 9.7(2016)?

  12. Here in India, you get the the base version for 629$ ?

  13. I am a fan of iPad Air

  14. The camera on this iPad is crap

  15. Air 2 still works fine on iOS 12. Don't see any incentive to upgrade, really.

  16. im getting the iPad air 3,2 or 1 on my bday Feburary 21

  17. This guy does the best reviews! I am looking for an Ipad today, and this review made me want it more! Keep up the good work!!

  18. Recently got the new iPad Air and I never realized how awesome a laminated display was until I got one!

  19. I just watch this vid how the quality and if it has a pen ?

  20. Is this device fast charge (power delivery) compatible like the iPhone X?

  21. Just a warning this iPad does bend on its own like the iPad pros

  22. Apparently what’s funny is how my IPad Air 3rd gen came with a 10w power adapter instead of a 12w one so it’s possibly something that’s exclusive to certain models like devices sold within Australia for example! 🙂

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