In this video I demonstrate what happens when you try connecting external drives to an Apple iPad using the USB Adapter from the Camera Connection Kit. Check out the video below to see how you can prepare a flash drive to work with your iPad.

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  1. What is plugged into iPad

  2. apple is a closed ecosystem and its stifling.

  3. A bit out of date

  4. Can you connect a CD burner to a iPad without the apps and still burn cd's ?

  5. Will it work with an external disk drive?

  6. what app did you download to your iPad

  7. thx ..workin, still got my old iPad. .. love to fill it up with songs and education audio for study. For that I use "ZillaTube", it works well. You can get it when you google ZillaTube

  8. You’re just another YouTube liar! The camera adapter only works for connecting one device to another. Would you still have 1.2 million subscribers if they knew you are full of it?

  9. I suppose Apple IPAD can only support Apple products, all other brands not possible to use on iPad

  10. This is the most unhelpful video I've ever watched on YouTube.

  11. I have a Seagate Go-Flex Satelite external hard drive. It connects easily to my iPad using Bluetooth and works just fine for file storage and watching videos.

  12. Update 2019 Use Wifi connection to iPad see ravpower Hub

  13. How about now in 2019
    Use a ipad pro 2016

  14. Wish I had found this video before I bought and external hard drive for my iPad

  15. Thanks for absolutely nothing.

  16. Well, that was 3 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. ?

  17. Should be what crap wont work on ipad

  18. Apple.

  19. This ifs from a Novice. It absdolutly does work. you need ifiles free app on the ipad. Youtube has at least 2 videos showing hot to connect USB Flash drives and powered hard drives. You need either powered or non powered USB hub intermediatory I files handeles all the software interface to brows, xfr or play videos directly from flash

  20. My Apple usb drive has a port for the lightning cable to power it and it works. Suppose you try that?

  21. $150 Chinese tablet can do all this and much more what a joke that s*** is

  22. Don’t waste your time watching this! Nothing works and that’s that….sheesh

  23. I have a 2tb seagate backup plus slim hard drive with all my files in it is it possible to connect it to my iPad pro 10.5 and access the files in it ?

  24. Do you have the right connection?

  25. My android phone can read unpowered harddrives and pendrives. This feels dumb

  26. Do we still need to do this even though we are currently on iOS 11.4?

  27. The power problem is resolved in the adapter that has the lightning port to use the power adapter supplied with your iOS device. The next problem is the many different file formats and driver’s needed. Apple does not suppliy these probably doe to limited drive space. If I recall many drive mags supply their own drivers to be installed on your computer. Most new users aren’t aware of these facts, this is why the usb flash drives supply their own apps and none seem to work with other brands leading me to ask if there is any standard usb format?

  28. Did you try to format the drives to an Apple format from a Mac? Probably not which is why they didn’t work

  29. Computers have driver’s for reading USB drives and IOS does not but it’s USB adapter will down load from properly named folders containing video and jpeg files.

  30. Apple’s USB adapter has port for ac cord.

  31. Utter waste of time watching this. Probably only just a little better than living in Detroit?

  32. Wah Wah Wah. Listen to yourselves! Good grief people! If you need expandability and adaptability, why are you trying to make a tablet do what a laptop does?! You buy an iPad because you want a super portable, highly reliable device, that works out of the box and that has apps that work-out of the box! You buy an Android tablet so you can "freely expand" and mutter and curse when it crashes 90 times a day and apps that you paid good money for don't work. I'm pretty sure that one of the reasons that Apple doesn't "allow" extra crap on their IOS devices is because it destroys the reliability and they can't fix other peoples messes…and yes, for all of you about to go…"and they can charge more money for things like memory!"…you are right…marketing has something to do with it as well-that is free enterprise…something many people don;t seem to like or believe in.

  33. Not sure I get the point of the whole video.

  34. Thats why im selling my ipad. This is a POC!!

  35. WASTE OF TIME. Why u posting this?????? WHY??

  36. You can plug midi keyboard and some USB sticks as sure my one works on my 5s neway lol

  37. love your videos as they help a lot. Really appreciate good guys out there

  38. Waste of time watching this .We come here thinking ,so this how you make it work. Not how nothing seems to work ..Oh look, people have already said this over and over !!!

  39. Could it be the iOS isn't compatible with the USB flash drive?

  40. Thank you for demonstrating – I appreciate the effort and information.

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