Demo of the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and Lightning to SD Card Reader. Works with iPad mini and iPad with Retina Display (4th Generation).

$29 Each

USB Camera Adapter:
SD card Reader:

This demo includes:
Transferring photos to an iPad from an SD card or USB Camera.
Connecting a USB Thumbdrive
Adding a powered USB Hub to support additional devices such as Keyboards, USB Microphones and MIDI instruments.

Does not support External Disc…

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  1. I didnt know they had lighting 7 yrs ago da fuck

  2. This don’t work for my iPhone idk why please help

  3. Which is better for blue yeti and iPhone 7?

  4. I have an IPADPRO 3 GENERATION 2019, AND THE PORT IS A USB C , I BELIEVE, AND ALL THE CABLES , ADAPTOR ARE LIGHNING SIZE… so how am i supposed to do coz I can’t use any gadget becoz of this, can you help me to find some kind of adaptor or does a USB c camera adapter exist without the lighning port but has a USB camera adaptor

  5. This video need to ne called: how to use your iPad as a PC

  6. not working on my iphone 6 help …m

  7. 12/01/2020 – “No photos to import” with USB adapter from Apple. No fix found

  8. Whos watching this in 2019/2020? haha

  9. Allow iPad to properly build websites and we’ll talk.

  10. This video is what i really need ! thanks for your efforts, really helpful

  11. I have A 5d mark 2 can I connect with my iPhone XR for video transfer ?

  12. Excellent video with clear, straightforward information- nice!

  13. Wonderful video, can I also shoot photos on my iPad with this USB camera adapter connection?

  14. This might be a dumb question, but can you connect a wired controller

  15. Is this works wit iPad air

  16. It doesn’t let me download any videos

  17. How do you export photos to a SD card?

  18. Thanks for this tutorial. Really appreciate it. Love the fact that a tutorial like this helps to connect my usb microphone and other usb devices with the camera adapter. Thanks again

  19. You’re talking too fast

  20. Does this work for headset?

  21. We miss you, DetroitBorg!

  22. I know I’m late as freak but are you able to do this without WiFi

  23. Typical of apple. They don’t want people backing up images FROM your device. Thereby forcing you to buy a device with their idiotically expensive large storage

  24. With iOS 13 <iPad os> These devices have moved such a long distance……….. incredible!!!

  25. If you are looking for an Apple connector you can get it by clicking on this link, it is reliable and cheap. Xs, Xs Max, iPad, Iphone 8/8 +, Iphone 7/7 + and more.

  26. Is not working on my Iphone 6s

  27. Does this helpful to transfer files like books or pdf s .?

  28. if you have the ios 12 then neither of these cords work

  29. i would use them as a remote for fortnite?

  30. 2:35 what if you don’t have power USB hub?? Plz someone

  31. can it work on a usb memory stick with any information(digital books)

  32. Anyone had any luck getting an external CAC reader to work with these cables?

  33. What cords do I need to hook up my Xbox Kinect camera to my apple iPad I need help

  34. Can I connect a Ethernet to usb adaptor? And it will get the Ethernet connection by cable?

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