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My review of the NEW 2019 Apple iPad Mini 5 and iPad Air 3 with A12 Processor and Apple Pencil support!

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  1. case solutions for keeping the pencil together with the ipad air?

  2. Just got the air 2019 for education, works great.

  3. Very helpful video thx

  4. Pencil~
    I think I’ll get the iPad mini for travelling. ?

  5. every tech youtuber: tHiS isNt gOoD fOr 4K viDeO eDitNG gEt tHe $800 iPaD

    bruh students have very limited money no sane student would buy that

  6. My fiancé bought the iPad Pro and I bought the mini 5 . We both have a pencil . He said he really wants something smaller for portability. I’m not complaining at all . I love the mini and I always have

  7. This and my surface book 2 is such a fire combo for my college studies.

  8. 4 months man link that wallpaper waited too long now

  9. Which ipad is the best for note taking in college?

  10. Buy iPad pro 10.5 instead of iPad air

  11. I missed more parallell comparisons ?

  12. For a gamer, i think the ipad mini is better? Your hands will just get tired from holding the Air and buttons (ingame) are too far from each other. But I would like to hear y'all thoughts. ?

  13. Wallpaper please !!!

  14. I got a problem, why the review ppl hate the pencil charging at the bottom? we are in 2019!? its not some kind of very tech technology. what do yu expect?! make your own stuff. mad.

  15. Where do you huy the keyboard ?

  16. I picked one up today with 256 and cellular. I like the portability and adding a Magic Keyboard makes it easy to bring out as a main device for work. After about an hour or two, you really do not see the tiny size as a problem. Even multi-tasking is great. I have a pencil and use it for mind maps and things. Also making annotations on pics of the whiteboard.

  17. Thanks for such a good description of both iPad. You really made the difference. I am a cartoonist and the truth is that there are not many reviews that guide us to our type. It would be great if you made another video focused on the iPad Air 2019, but seen from the angle of an artist,showing the different strokes, the maximum number of layers, entertaining effects, recommendations for drawing apps, etc. Thank you very much and now I will follow you.

  18. 3:12 “ I was disappointed when the IPAD AIR didn’t have a headphone jack” ??????????? haha?

  19. Apple ✍️ Pencil ?

  20. No for a CS student it can't replace laptop bcz it doesn't supports coding and programming.

  21. he a lefty…
    i used to be a left hand user..than i went to be a right hand user…
    i throw football with my left…used chop sticks with my left..
    i use folks with my right..
    i write with my right hand?

  22. I would rather get a surface pro

  23. typically, macbooks will receive mac os upadates for close to 7 years before Apple drops support. No ipad has ever seen ios updates for longer than 4 years. If the "Pro" models are priced at the same point as a laptop, Apple has a resonsibility to provide ios updates for at least 7 years. Google does this for chromebooks regardless of how cheap or expensive the price paid for the chromebook. If I had to choose between a "Pro" or a macbook, I'd choose the Mac every single time. Why? Because when Apple stops upadating your tablet it slowly loses its utility and is rendered obsolete. The Mac on the other hand leaves the user with far more options after Apple stops updates. You can either run Windows or linux. That in a nutshell is why the ipad will never replace your computer….forced obsolescence and the inability to run an alternative OS. Take the 2010 macbook pro for an example. It's no longer supported by Apple…but is supported by Microsoft and can still run Windows 10. If you are looking for longevity….especially in college, no Ipad is a good choice.

  24. I love your camera work. Keep it up bro ??

  25. Sooooooo good for us youngsters !

  26. Love your video!!!!! subscribed!!!!

  27. But the Apple pencil 1 has a dongle for charging in the box

  28. iPad mini 5 or iPad air 3 for Med student?Which one will be better?

  29. Perfectly said – they should have allowed Apple Pencil 2, otherwise its great for students..

  30. Pencil, nice video ??

  31. MacBook is better for students

  32. At least they added the dongle for the pencil

  33. Watching this on my new iPad Air and can tell it’s really worth it for productivity and school.

  34. Do you think the iPad Air 3 case can fit the iPad Pro 10.5?

  35. Pencil, I like to draw

  36. It’s funny what marketing does to peoples minds. I want to know what REAL benefit an iPad Pro 11 2018 has over an iPad Pro 9.7… that justifies you paying $800 for a 64GB excellently designed machine to a $330 Pro 9.7 that comes with 128GB of storage.

  37. I really wish there were third party options for the smart keyboard and they didn’t even put the education discount on it

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