Apple just unveiled its new iPhone 11 Pro with triple-lens cameras at its event in Cupertino.

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  1. Guys,
    Stick to your Iphone
    Buying an iphone each time it comes out is a big waste of money just saying*
    Who here agrees?

  2. awful ugly design. brainless design

  3. Everyone: ew this phone is so ugly Im never buying it
    Sails: 12 million

  4. The worst iPhone they made it’s slow as hell try to send something email , Viber or even text you have to resend like 10 times , The apps don’t work in background GPS is not working properly even talk on the phone it’s not working How it’s supposed to work, The worst iPhone and software update 11 🙁
    Piece of junk apple iPhone

  5. Hold up At sep 20? That’s my bday 🙂

  6. Yeah Apple shove it up your ass.

  7. Nothing is more frustrating than having an apple ad interrupt your classic rock playlist , feels like an insult to the great musicians. And they have blocked comments on their official channel too , hindering freedom of speech. Therefore, you have to bear the rant here. Sry. Rant over.

  8. iPhones are really fun to play with. 😀

  9. Iphone 4: yeah
    Iphone 5s: niicceee
    Iphone 7: i like it
    Iphone X: not cheap but wow
    Iphone 11: ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Checks Thumbnail
    Seriously! The iPhone 11 Pro Max is only 699 dollars?! Now this is what I'm gonna be buying from apple
    Video : iPhone 11 Pro Max
    Me : motherfu…

  11. iPhone 11 stove and iPhone 11 stove MAX

  12. with no 5g support, apple is left in the dust once again.

  13. another year, another line of shit iphones.

  14. R. . I .. p. iPhones ?

  15. Samsung is better

  16. Can i watch YouTube and play Candy Crush at the same time? No? I don’t buy it!

  17. 0:40 I bet they are just clapping they probably don't even know what that means lmao

  18. The only time I think the price is actually decent
    Nvm: it was a clickbait…

  19. 1099!?!?!?!
    I'm ready to buy it!!!!

  20. This is how many people got click baited by the thumbnail:

  21. Why 3 cameras it looks wack and the price is a lie just stop ?

  22. Price is still too high

  23. Phones with one camera
    People: "meh"

    Phones with two cameras
    People: "who, yea that's cool"

    Phones with three cameras
    "The world explodes"
    People are really retarded when it comes to buying things, give them the same thing, with another name and they fall for it?

  24. Apple; it's 2019 and you're still using 12 megapixel cameras trying to sell them off for a grand…

  25. Steve, why you leave man .. ?

  26. Y’all need to get over it cuz y’all can’t do nun about it except not buy it, if you don’t like it then ok we don’t need to know, y’all haven’t watched a whole review by ijustine, she shows a lot of the stuff the phone brings not only a new camera

  27. Apple need to fix the screen video capture mute audio problem. When recording my mic is okay. But the video audio to Facebook messenger or FaceTime is not recording the audio. On who you viewing on screen. I not know why many are not addressing it. It’s been three years and still no fix. Something apple not fix. I will not get another iPhone until they fix the issue even on android phone same problem.

  28. Still no fingerprint

  29. Copy of the Huawei mate 20 Pro lol. ?????

  30. These are not the prices it’s the trade in value

  31. Guess Apple is gonna lose customers with trypophobia.

  32. A phone for 2000 dollars ??‍♂️

  33. Can't believe people still even buy Apple products… like, why? It's 2019, not 2010. And people were actually cheering ?

    Apple and its users are such cancer.

  34. Actually, the pro max is 1700.

  35. good job Apple, just worse and worse

  36. "Processing 24 billion pixels" will this drain the phone battery ?? I'm looking for a smart phone that can last all day.

  37. I want a full refund for my XS that I bought 3 months ago that cost the same as the 11 pro. This is BS!!!

  38. Thanks for the click bait thumbnail ??

  39. I hope the back of the iPhone can cook my Mac and cheese

  40. it is having ugly back ?


  42. Its ugly and notched but powerful

  43. I phone is getting uglier and uglier

  44. Nice clickbait from the thumbnail

  45. its actually like Huawei mate 20 pro in the camera's

  46. The camera placement is such a turn off.. Its like Sasukes tattoo in Naruto lmao

  47. So CNBC is using click baiting tactics for more views now. So disappointed I thought I could get a new iPhone for $399 ?

  48. Why apple made a stupid things?

  49. 3 cameras+ perfectly aligned the circles in a triangle format= illuminati. In joke, Apple could secretly be part of the illuminati theory and Area 51. Despite of releasing the phone on the same day as we raid Area 51 on September 20, 2019.

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