Today we are looking at Apples Lighting Digital AV Adapter. I bought this for personal reasons and really wanted to be fully satisfied with the product. Unfortunately what makes the Lighting Digital AV Adapter not as great as it should be is not the Adapter itself, but the restrictions the Apple IOS puts on you when using this device. So should you get it? Watch to learn more
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  1. What are your thoughts on the Lightning Digital AV Adapter? Could this be helpful for your needs or is this a hard pass?

  2. Does this will Play APPLE TV plus?

  3. Work with crackle and Tubi ?

  4. Disney+ ? please tell me yes!

  5. Does Minecraft work ?

  6. Can this work the same on a tv?

  7. What about online sites to watch movies/shows ? Does it work? Please respond lol

  8. Why would anyone want one of these? Just get a ROKU instead (wifi required)

  9. Does the lighting port in adapter can be used for earphone

  10. I’ve used mine for less than a month and it suddenly stop mirroring my iPhone. TV went blank but the sound came through.

  11. does powerpoint work?

  12. Does it play sound on the TV? Or does it play on the phone?

  13. Does cod mobile work?

  14. Does pubg work on it

  15. Excellent product and picture is great.ㅋ>     Great buy for the money. The picture quality is superb and has vivid colors. Setup is fast and easy. The focus adjustment is easy. Remote is simple but effective. All included cables is a bonus. Purchased to play movies outdoors.

  16. Will it work with Apple TV?

  17. Does it exit when you play Roblox?

  18. This is so little mentioned that I thought only ipad pros with type c support connection with external screen…..

  19. what about safari ? can i play videos from safari ? like stream tv shows

  20. 50$ for this crap. just bought it, i plug it in and works, then cuts out. and just keeps doing that

  21. Does it work with Crunchyroll????

  22. Can i exit Netflix while in control mode an it still plays on tv?

  23. Hiya! I stream tv all the time. Lately, I’ve purchased a VPN to watch the tv shows I used to watch while living in England. Would this work if I’m watching tv via Safari watching from my ipad pro? Thank you in advance!

  24. I wonder if its better to get 3rd party since it seems cheaply made anyways (or just wears out fast). Amazon had some for 1/2 the price.

  25. Can I use it on a laptop to watch Netflix?

  26. Call of dutey mobile

  27. Are you able to get into outlook or the internet on your tv when using the Lighting Digital AV adapter with an iPad? Or, is this device mainly for watching movies?

  28. Just glad to see Netflix works thank you for review

  29. 1:00 what is a must? My english is not good

  30. Mine doesn’t work at all for netflix and Hulu and YouTube lags. It loads and works for a couple seconds then it just stops. Other times I just get audio and no picture. Any tips or advice?

  31. I am visually impaired, will this work to show a Kindle book anon a TV>

  32. Is there a better one I’ll need using a elgato capture card hd60s have an iPhone XR or would this work?

  33. Does this cable work on iPhone to projector connection plzplz plz reply

  34. Does this cable work on iPhone to projector connection plzplz plz reply

  35. Does this cable work for iPhone to projector plz plz reply me

  36. Put green line in my tv

  37. Does this work with youtube tv?

  38. Does this still work for Netflix? I’ve tried cheaper casting/ mirroring methods and the Netflix app doesn’t allow me to watch anything on my TV

  39. It shows a QR code then i scan it but nothing ???‍♀️

  40. How do adjust the quality of your Netflix picture,have Verizon as provider but it shows really bad when watching have same cable as you, need help

  41. Does it work with tubi or Pluto

  42. does it work on disney + ?

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