Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter – MJ1K2AM/A

The USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter lets you connect your MacBook with USB-C port to an HDMI display while also connecting a standard USB device and a USB-C charging cable. This adapter allows you to mirror your MacBook display to your HDMI-enabled TV or display in up to 1080p at 60Hz or UHD (3840×2160) at 30Hz. It also outputs video content like movies and captured video. Simply…

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  1. I just bought the USB-C multiport adapter and it did not come with that white cable. What is that one called??

  2. awesome my guy.

  3. not my cup of tea but multiport solves the problem so im fine with it !

  4. No, i don't think that one port is enough, i wish i would not have purchased the 12" Macbook. And i also don't like the keyboard i think, to be honest, that the keystrokes are too shallow. Makes typing at pace a little tiresome with all the mistakes

  5. How would sound work?

  6. What monitor is this bruh.. looks dope af

  7. This was really helpful. I just bought a MacBook Air 2018, two USB-C ports and nothing else. Am trying to decide whether to figure out how to connect my old Apple Cinema HD display or pop for something newer and use this adapter. It's tempting (since I now live local to Abt) to just have you guys bring something over and set it up!

  8. oh i learned something new from this video! :O thanks

  9. can you close the laptop during your monitor is still open with the display?

  10. Thanks man! (Loved you in Fargo!!!)

  11. Funny story that monitor comes with a usb c wire that u can connect to ur macbook straight to the monitor in this video

  12. honestly, review like this should include speed and stress test.

  13. How could I connect it to a dual monitor using hdmi?

  14. I have that adaptor and jut a MacBook Pro one of the old ones and I able to use that for it?

  15. One port sucks!!! I should have returned the laptop! I knew it would be a huge problem and it is!!!!! I absolutely hate it. No external hardrive can be used, not usb flash drives, NADA bad bad idea!!!!

  16. So i can close the laptop and work on big monitor right?thx

  17. One port is a big a big step backwards. I use my notebook for PowerPoint presentations and like to have a VGA output for my projector, 2 standard usb's, one for the presentation clicker, another for the USB stick that has my presentation.
    I'm not going to throw away all my projectors and other peripherals and adapters are just another thing to leave behind, or break. Hopefully some manufacturers will give more options.

  18. i don't care for the 1 port but why do the adapters have to be so expensive?

  19. Is the usb port on the adapter 2.0 or 3.0?

  20. mine is not working if i plug in my hdmi nothing happens

  21. im doing this with my new 2016 macbook pro, and sometimes I get white static on the screen….anyone else experiencing this?

  22. any problems since uploading video ? reading the review section @ and it's 2 star's , a lot of 1 star reviews

  23. Why do you need the adapter? All you need is that one USB C port! Connect the Macbook using the USB C to the monitor (if it has USB C capability which I know for a fact that monitor and most newer monitors have), then if you need extra USB ports just use them from the back of the monitor. You just saved $150 and you are now, essentially, doing three things using only one wire! (just my opinion)

  24. Does is handle output with 2560×1440 resolution ?

  25. Thanks for this review!
    Do you know if this USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter work for PC laptops as well?

  26. Why would Apple not include the USB C on Macbook Pro 13 or 15"?

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