Quick video on options for Android users that want to run the Apple Watch.

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  1. What if I have iPad pro?

  2. Doesnt the iPhone watch 3 work with Samsung too?

  3. Samsung Galaxy Watch runs circles around the Apple Watch… try keeping it real in the future.

  4. Tracfone sells one year of phone service SIMs for $39 on eBay. U get 1500 texts, 3Gb, 1500 minutes. That’s if u wanted to activate the old iPhone. I have it in my X.

  5. How has it been working? Just dissatisfied with Android and Samsung watches. Love the note 10+ and would like to get an apple watch.

  6. What a nonsense beggar you are… The description says Apple watch for Android users only to show 4 minutes video that it is not possible !!!

  7. So you need to phones just to run the watch

    Nothing to see here

  8. So to recap – if you have an LTE Apple Watch and a cheap iPhone and an Android phone, you could pair the iPhone (with the SIM card) with the Apple Watch initially, take the SIM card out and put it in the Android phone, and just leave the iPhone on WiFi at home, charged? And doing this would allow me to use pretty much every feature on the Apple Watch (Apple Pay?) but send/receive messages (iMessages or normal SMS)? Thank you so much.

  9. Low power tethering? How do you enable that? I can't find anything on Google that talks about low power tethering. Can you please explain that?

  10. I have an iphone 7 rn and i am going to get a android phone prob the oneplus 7 pro but the galaxy watch is not even close to as good as the apple watch so do i like get this.

    Also my carrier dose not support eSim so i am getting the bluetooth version. Are there like apps on android that can make my Hotspot sharing data thing go on/off when i am not connected to wifi?

    Thx m8

  11. Does it work well with an Android Phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

  12. Is this worth it tho?

  13. great vid. i really like your voice, youre great speaker. thanks

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