I ade a very basic review on my rose gold with violet band sport 42mm Apple Watch. Watch to find out a few of my favorite features. If you are looking for a “techy” review this is NOT your video. IG _AlyParker_

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  1. thank you so much for this information I rushed into buying the 42mm without taking into consideration being a teenage guy with slightly smaller wrists. the nontechy personal style is far more helpful than the more professional ramble that you hear all the time on youtube, which is refreshing. sorry for your loss of your father your so young to have to deal with that x

  2. Ty for you’re review. Great review!

  3. Thanks! Honestly your review was way better than all the 'tech guy 'reviews I watched. I just wanted to know if the bigger size is good for a woman's wrist but you also gave me SO much RELEVANT information that none of them covered. Cheers I'm getting 42.

  4. U sexy asf?n sorry for your loss???

  5. THANK YOU ? this review is exactly what I was looking for

  6. Where’d you get your phone case?

  7. You made me feel so much better about the 42mm

  8. The new Apple watches can change bands. Did the old ones not?

  9. Men are not going to listen to you but pay more attention to your breast exposure. I’m sure that was your intention

  10. Excuse me ma’am put those away kthxbye

  11. I got the 42mm and have smaller wrist as well.. and I love it!! Thanks for the review.. very helpful ❤️

  12. How to be famous ?
    Show some boobs

  13. TY for this. Was looking for the female perspective on this. Sorry bout your dad. Lost mine too. Remember that our loved ones always live on in our hearts. Memories and when we dream of them. We'll all be reunited with our loved ones soon enough. And BTW, you don't any make up at all. You look far better without it. Stay blessed and keep smiling. ?

  14. “I wanted to film a very quick video” 9:55

  15. I never watch a video of someone talking till the end.. but the way you speak, honest opinion, i watch till the end and never realize it about to end haha.. and i like when you you engaging with commenter you replied them.. make me wanna subscribe for more video 🙂 tq for the reviewing on apple watch i decided to get 42mm 🙂

  16. Great review!!!! Sending my condolences for your father.

  17. BOOOOOOOOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. tetaaaaaaaaaas jaja

  19. You know what’s more distracting? Trying to look through the comments to see other peoples experiences and only seeing comments about boobs. Stfu. Focus on the review

  20. I’m so glad I found your review. I ordered the 42mm and I was so worried I got the wrong size. It’s seems like all the girls I’ve seen & the female YouTube reviews all have the 38mm, but seeing the watch on you, I’m happy with my decision. Can’t wait for my order to come in! I got the gold one too!

  21. Arghh I’m still in two mind!

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