I had the chance to check out the Huawei Watch a week early, and the Gen 2 Huawei Watch is pretty much the Apple Watch for Android, its got great battery life, which lasts more than a day, maybe even two whole days. The AMOLED screen is beautiful, and there’s a lot to like about this watch. What don’t I like about this? Watch the video and you’ll know!

Pick up the Huawei Watch 2 here: (LINKS COMING SOON)


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  1. This is still my watch 2 years later.

  2. 1, Does US get the LTE version ?
    2, Does the heart rate monitor sync with threadmill ?

  3. what are thooooooooseeeeeee

  4. I see your back with TechnoBuffalo! Congrats Man!

  5. Apple watch the biggest joke of all

  6. Awesome video. I've seen you on my home page for a while. Finally remembered to subscribe. keep up the good work, dude.

  7. great one dude keep going ?

  8. Cool watch and nice lighting creativity!! Good review mark!

  9. nice video, really liked the shots of the watch . looked lively and bright

  10. Hey man awesome review, love the music!!!

  11. Awesome videos mark!!
    keep it up.
    Huawei watch 2 : Nice UI & Design!

  12. Great video! We want more!

  13. your videos are really great. I always watch them.

  14. Is Motorola coming out with a next version Moto 360 or are they done? Thanks Mark

  15. Was that the boored at work dude?

  16. Amazing video as always Mark!

  17. Paul blart mall cop

  18. Awesome video Mark! As always.

  19. If I was to get a smart watch, it would be this one. Hey Mark!

  20. Wow, this watch looks absolutely stunning imo. Great review Mark!

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