The Apple Watch has a handful of new features but the major one is the updated processor. Native apps run faster and snappier within 1-3 seconds. GPS is built-in so now you can run or swim without your phone.

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  1. How did that guy get airpods in 2016 tho ?

  2. Thank you! I was looking for a alternative to a phone and just this video im like '' This is the one''

  3. does this have wireless charging?

  4. Can anyone tell me if you can call in the series 2

  5. Can i talk with apple watch series 2

  6. Does the @nd gen still Have LTE to text and all that good stuff?

  7. Is it only connect with iphone only

  8. Stay away from the apple watch. Mine died after 15 months and cost to repair is $229. This may be the straw that has me quit Apple all together.

  9. I can get it for 220euros is it worth no damage little used

  10. Water prof hai

  11. Do serie 2 have siri

  12. loll that focus though

  13. The series 2 is awesome.

  14. Hey my apple watch 2 is stolen and the person has reset it so I can get the watch back

  15. That shit might kill the mp3 player.

  16. This is great, I remembered when I was a little girl I used to watch a movie called Michael it was a guy that usually speaks to his car by using his watch. It was a fiction may be this might become a reality because now I can speak to my phone and my watch believe it or not.

  17. can track sleep

  18. So did people just forget theses shits used to be $700 ? Because I didn't and If I bought one at that price I'd be one pissed off cookie right about now

  19. XD Like you do any swimming or running. Seems the only exercise you do is walk to the local McDonalds LOL

  20. Samsung watches are way better cause you can text and make calls without having to have your phone with you and it comes with it's own number or you can have your calls forward from your phone to your watch.

  21. Is that 38 mm watch or 42 mm on your hand.

  22. Can i don't connect anything

  23. Thinking of buying a series 2. But, does the managing SMS and calls etc. feature work with non apple phones??

  24. This guy whistles like a supercharger when talking

  25. I'm getter no one on the 25th and I can't wait so I'm watching a ton of these videos

  26. This pretty much the only wearable watch thats still relevant in 2017

  27. I'm getting one!! It will be awesome

  28. Can i use whats app / insta on the applewatch series 2?

  29. Wow. Some less FACE and more Watch would be helpful.

  30. Buying a Apple watch

  31. Fuck an Apple Watch… completely pointless

  32. Is this at all worth buying if your not into sports activities?

  33. HOW MANY WATCH HE HAVE !!!!!! ???????

  34. Does anyone know if you can start a video with 2 series

  35. Good review. I just feel it's a bit biased. Check out mine

  36. Great video. Thank you ?

  37. Everyone keeps saying water proof but it's water resistant. Also the fine print says no snorkeling or jet skiing.

  38. 3:03 That's a 650 dollar band right there

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