EPIC VIDEO Switching From Android Wear To Apple Watch HERE WHY !!. My First Apple Watch LTE
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  1. Pls send me an iphone

  2. can i get the iphone x

  3. Are u pairing it with iPhone or Android

  4. without a apple mobile we cannot use apple watch

  5. Hey man great video we'll done…on this video you are using a android phone? Wich app do you use? Thanks in advance and keep doing this fantastic job

  6. That watch is going to change your life! haha Welcome to the party brother.

  7. Wow nice video EZ. I like how you had the music playing with the Apple iPhones all laid out while unboxing lol. Nice touch. (Ford GT)

  8. great video love what you are doing.happy holiday to and your family.

  9. I bought my first Apple Watch , it’s the serie 3 Space black stainless steel model with the Milanese loop 42mm. It works really great and I save about 10-20% of battery life on my iPhone per day because of that. My watch last 4 days

  10. you are a tech nerd man, keep this great work up

  11. apple is going to blow my mind someday

  12. Nice video I am a Tizen watch lover but I like the Apple watch as well. I can't do much with Android Wear I would keep them maybe a month or two then I would sell them so I stopped buying them. LOL


  13. The amount of videos you push out a week is mind blowing, notifications blowing up my phone you are on top of the game. Props to your hard work and keep up the amazing work! I was thinking about getting an Apple Watch 3 so I'm highly interested in your opinion and thoughts.

  14. Epic unboxing! Congrats on your apple watch! 😀

  15. Overall I like the product. I would get a black band. Good video Eric.

  16. It looks very nice.
    I have to get me one!

  17. Eazy Computer Solutions in da building….

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