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Battery Life-3:11
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  1. Considering many have commented on this…for the bands options I am talking about OUT OF THE BOX OEM bands. I can buy an Apple Watch with nearly any band I want directly from Apple. Yes you can use any 3rd party 22mm band for Gear S3, for an extra cost after you buy the watch, I am fully aware.

  2. I can’t decide between the two. I love the S3 frontier look, but I’m an iPhone user

  3. 1:20 aged great. The airpower mat totally shook the world by storm.

  4. Wich Samsung g or apple watch has a camera I the front for videochat?

  5. I have both and Apple is better because it’s like a mini smart phone, gear is just limited to what it is.

  6. Which best watch?

  7. I own samsung gear s3 frontier and iPhone XS

  8. I use iPhone but I like S3 watch 🙁
    Not sure which to buy

  9. Can't we download Samsung pay in iPhone and operate with Apple watch?

  10. I like S3 Frontier but I use iPhone 🙁
    Many things will be restricted for iPhone, This is so confusing

  11. The apple watches look like something you get from a fucking cereal box

  12. I haven't heard of the Samsung gear until yesterday.

  13. the watch face used here is : , took me a long time to scroll to all comments and find it. But is still not the same has different hour/min/sec indicator (orange) standard ones are white, how do i change them? @Jeff Springer

  14. how did you get instagram

  15. S Health is pretty darn sweet it has mature a lot with smartwatch

  16. You make it sound like there is not any options for bands for the gear S3! Hello! There are hundreds of options between leather, silicone and also the band design you have on your Apple watch also. So that is stupid to make it sound like the Apple watch is better for that reason. You make no sense. And these watches are not waterproof! They are water resistant!

  17. u got one thing wrong
    its using Tizen OS not android wear
    apple fan

  18. Design wise …. Samsung actually looks like a watch. Apple looks like those cheap watches you buy at a dollar store. Square with velcro straps… lol

  19. Samsung S3 frontier looks more manly than Apple watch.

  20. I'll tell you now. Hands down, the s3 frontier blows the apple watch out of the water. I had both. The apple watch is too small. It's a pain to navigate. The bezel on the Samsung that rotates is one of the best features it has. It sooo much easier to navigate through the menus.
    I cant say enough about the Samsung. It's big, practical and fun to use. It's also way cheaper than the apple watch. The battery on the Samsung is far superior as well.
    The Samsung s3 frontier is literally one of the best watches I've ever used.

  21. So basically it comes down to this the Apple Watch is a phone on your wrist that is better than the Samsung watch in almost every way when it comes to software and hardware however the Samsung is more of a stylish watch that just looks good while still providing you the info you need just not as accurate

  22. Jeez, do you have ants in your pants? Would have been nice if you held them still. Talking with your hands while trying to show something you're holding doesn't work very well.

  23. Samsung Gear S3 just looks a lot nicer. It really doesn't matter if your a Apple fan boy or a Android fan. The S3 looks amazing! PS: I don't even own one…

  24. Question for anyone who wants to answer…

    I have the S3 Frontier, paired with my IPhone 8 Plus. I love the look of the frontier, the functionality, it’s overall a pretty badass smart watch. Not too mention, it’s very durable which is a huge plus because I spend a good amount of time outdoors. I have found one flaw that I haven’t been able to really solve… the battery life. Most of the time the battery will last 2 days without needing a recharge. However, I have had several cases where I will go to bed with the watch on 80% and wake up to it completely dead. All of my settings are pretty basic and I usually put it on do not disturb when I go to bed. Wifi and location are both turned off. The first s3 frontier I had started doing this after a year and a half of use. I replaced it with a new s3 frontier (thank god for replacement plans) and the now 2 week old watch is having the same issue.

    My guess is it’s probably user error and not the watch. Any help would be appreciated.

  25. The air powermat is still coming lol

  26. I've been keeping an open eye for sales on the Apple watch series 3 and looks like Best Buy just posted some deals on it for $199. Taking a look at the price history, it looks like it’s the lowest price it’s ever been at Best Buy which makes this sale an awesome steal! Putting as much information and context below.

  27. I dont have money to buy one of these

  28. Love that G3 watch face, anyone know the name/seller of it? It's not a default one.

  29. Upgraded to a Xs Max and I’m using my Gear S3 with it. It can be paired together but sometimes it’s a pain to connect. I’m looking at the Series 3 now as a cheaper option than the Series 4.

  30. Apple should make a round version of the watch, the gear looks so much more appealing

  31. i am happy with my gear s3

  32. Samsung gear s3 is better it looks like a real watch apple watch looks like kids watch

  33. Review the Q9 smart watch

  34. Watching on my gear s3 ????

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