This is my review of the latest Apple Watch Series 3. Is it worth it? In this video I show you how I use it in my day to day life as a mum, the best features, prices and a general overview in simple terms of what the Apple Watch does and how it works. TECH PLAYLIST:







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  1. My wrists are really small and I’m a 14 year old boy lol but do I get the 38mm or the 42?

  2. your beautiful ysis x

  3. Nice post in a different perspective of the greatest majority

  4. Just got it for £169 from Apple refurb store.

  5. i buy s3 in 2019 and i love it cz it on my budget and i use all the funtion on my daily life ?..

  6. Thanks for this review … even 12 months on its very helpful. Btw your hair is gorgeous!

  7. How do some people have the red sticker and some don’t (even though they have the series 3)

  8. You look a little bit like danielle Cohn

  9. You don’t use messages?

  10. Do you have the 38mm? Btw love your vids?

  11. I’m getting the Apple Watch series 3 for Christmas. So excited! ??

  12. I got the same rose gold color in 42mm and have a rose gold 6s to match ??

  13. i want to get the apple watch but i'm super indecisive and i dont know if i should get the 38mm or the 42mm..also would i need the cellular version if i have my phone with me most of the time?

  14. Work with galaxy?

  15. I've been debating on whether or not i wanted to buy an apple watch for like a couple months now. I've been watching review videos here and there but this one made me finally make up my mind. Super helpful and very detailed, thank you!!!

  16. Do you think the cellular +gps would be better than getting the gps only? Because I heard it added ten dollars to a phone bill

  17. I know that you have to pay $10 a month for your Apple Watch… so do you have to pay $10 a month for as long as you have it it can you just pay it all off when you buy it

  18. Loved the review?!! Question: can you set your Apple Watch on vibrate so it doesn’t make a sound when you get a notification but just a vibrate

  19. Hi ? i want to have instagram on my watch its a series 3 how can i do it ???? Please help .thank you

  20. Can you text on that. I’m not really sure.

  21. This was very helpful! I've been curious how the apple watch works and think I may end up getting myself one now! I love it!

  22. Great review!! Thanks. Just curious, how do you like the 7+ iPhone? You said you have small hands, so I’m curious what drew you to the bigger phone? I’m short and have small hands and think a plus size phone would be too large for me.

  23. Brilliant review. Gonna buy one.

  24. Does the band get dirty / stained easy?

  25. Can you use text and calling without the Celluar?

  26. Why the insta app has been removed wish i could use insta app in my apple watch 🙁

  27. I’m getting one tomorrow as my graduation gift! I had no idea it could do all of this! Thank you! I have really tiny wrest as well so I think I’ll go for the 38mm as well!

  28. This was such an excellent review. i found your review while on my way to the apple store. you helped solidify my decision to get one!

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