What happens when you lock up your iPhone and try to live a full, exhausting day with just Apple’s new cellular smartwatch? WSJ’s Joanna Stern found out. Photo: Joanna Stern/The Wall Street Journal.

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  1. Read Joanna Stern's full review of Apple's new cellular smartwatch: http://on.wsj.com/2ygstXQ

  2. Can you make one for the series 5 now? I love these videos so much.

  3. be happy i am your 2 millionth subscriber i love your videos keep up the good work

  4. I can go for a week without charge for my Fitbit

  5. Samsung galaxy watch active 2 or this?

  6. Who else with no Apple Watch? If you then like this comment

  7. And we thought "No iPhone" means you're gonna use Android

  8. Max_cr4ck on !Nsta::qram unlocked my apple watch successfully

  9. Max_cr4ck on !Nsta::qram unlocked my apple watch successfully

  10. Let’s appreciate the fact that all day she walked round with a big as camera on here headthat that would be so embarrassing for me?

  11. At 3:57 when she said “Siri” my actual Siri came up

  12. Shut up with ur $400 watch u have hairy arms

  13. Yo, this scene with the jet ski was freakin amazing, it felt like playing some adventure video game on ps4, cheers

  14. Why is the battery so big?

  15. Brilliant presentation!!!!!

  16. "I'd have a camera to take this awesome photo with" – literally has a camera strapped to her chest.

  17. So do you really need an iphone to use an apple warch series 3??does it work with no iphone at all??
    I'm too lazy to watch this video :)))

  18. When she said hey siri my phone turned on Siri

  19. Wakes up at 7:30
    Gets out of bed at 7:40

  20. That head gear, tho!!!???
    This was very informative, thank you

  21. 1:02 I think she put the airpods in wrong way

  22. apple wACH best video we have also applestrapswatch.com

  23. The dog is like ????

  24. Does it just bug me that she put her airpods in backwards?

  25. My Siri responded when you said it ?

  26. The cellular is bad because you are using t mobile lol

  27. Can you do this again with the series 4 or 5? This was really well done

  28. Who covers the voice of this?

  29. I also live in New York

  30. I’m still scared to use it in the water


  32. 5:16

  33. So is the camera’s vision based around her mouth or her eyes? Because when she eats she shoves the food into her eyes

  34. I like the day in a life theme but I hate the negativity

  35. ”here browser, track your steps” ???

  36. I just got my series 5 yesterday yay!

  37. Who’s watching this after the series 5 came out

  38. 0:40 An Apple watch dying

  39. You said Hey Siri and my ipad OS said yes and I closed it.

  40. I’d love one of your old apple watches!

  41. up where i am the hudson is DISGUSTING, i’m wish a was lying when i say it’s toxic

  42. Now I’m waiting on Apple Watch Series 347.

  43. Now i’ll wait for the series 5 one

  44. I can’t believe you walk around with that massive camera on your head

  45. i just diddnt like how in the begining she slamed her apple watch to get it to stop like $400 dollars and to treat it like that like no but this is just my opinion so ??????

  46. Do an apple watch series 5.

  47. How is her life so interesting

  48. it’s not waterproof, just water resistant

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