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I love my Fitbit charge 2 and my…

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  1. Omg lol good review but inaccurate I own an Iwatch series 3 non cellular

    Yes it tracks steps if you scroll down on the app it says all the details you want

    Yes it can sleep track if you download the app sleep watch

    Yes it instantly says your steps you do not have to wait a minute at all

    Yes it tracks pretty much everything you want if you can’t see it then you literally click high intensity workout then boom

    Fitness is spot on accurate

    Your welcome ??

  2. You are a weirdo

  3. I've had a fitbit charge 2 for a couple of years now yay fitness tracking! but I was considering making the switch over because I enjoy apple things – and the trade in/upgrade thing apple has for the future versus having to always pay full price for a new fitbit if this thing ever craps out, but the price also just dropped for the 3 so I was really considering it but the horrible lack of fitness tracking is almost a deal breaker for me ?

  4. Youre not wired and your not special, dont try to be someone else then you. I like your breasts!

  5. I’m going to wait & see what the Apple Watch series 4 can do , hopefully some fitness tracking updates and improvements if not I’m going to get the charge 2 hr I think I just started a dog walking business and want to see how many steps and stuff I’m doing I have an original flex but I don’t like that I can’t see the steps right on the Fitbit I have to check my phone.

  6. I’m Paige too!

  7. Like why would I shower every day?

  8. Do you have Fitbit (small) and Apple Watch (38cm) ?????

  9. 11:37 Who wants to shower everyday? me.

  10. Positive about the video: I am sure your opinion is legit and not sponsored. I’m a bit late but I’ll buy a charge 2 today for 70€ and now i am sure that it’ll do just what i expect from it. Keep up the good work and don’t get fake just like all the other channels around YouTube. ✌?

  11. Nice comparison…lmao!! You’re not a Weirdo

  12. watched the entire 1min of ad never did this before only for Paige lol cuz i can't give her my real money but on this way i can lol ???

  13. Keep the amazing wonderful work up beautiful girl

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