Considering an Apple Watch and wonder if the difference between the Series 3 and Series 5 is big enough to justify the price? Check out this video!

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Apple Watch Series 3:

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  2. Do you have any locked apple watch you've wanted to unlock? Hot up MAX_CR4CK ON !g,he runs the best service

  3. Apple watches are good but i like my 'must de cartier' watch more .

  4. I can’t afford either one of them

  5. Thanks for the explanation!!! Now i can think about what to choose when I buy….

  6. What about the side effect of those gadgets ? Apart from being tracked they may kill you since they can updated it . You know what I mean?‍♂️

  7. I have the series 1 it stills has watchOS 6 but after this watchOS I don’t believe it will be supported so I am thinking about upgrading to either the 5 or the 3 or should I wait until the series 6

  8. Could Apple possibly change up the style? or offer other styles??? I mean really? The only style is that square watch. I think it's ugly. that's the main reason I haven't bought one.

  9. Just buy series 4, the best so far in terms of features/price balance. That's exactly what I did.

  10. I’ve heard a lot that apple watches are just useless. But, I am on track, workout a lot and through school and work, can’t always have my phone out and it would be nice to see if someone important is calling or texting and being able to see that. Plus, being able to control music just sounds so useful for me. Any suggestions if I should go through with this purchase of the series 3 or not?

  11. Does he take Spinach 5 times day?

  12. The way you pronounced Hermès was so gross. Please don’t ever say that brand like that. ??????

  13. I’m Asian. Can it make rice?

  14. So apple watch 3, still ok with lower price

  15. Poor video, loved the reasons to buy the 3 in 2019 vid then watched this and you just contradict that whole video discrediting your reviews! Impressed to disappointed in minutes. #whichoneisit

  16. I don’t need all those gimmicky-ass features anyway.

  17. So I’m thinking of buying one. I have a micheal Kors smart watch but since I’ve traded my Samsung for an iPhone 11, is Apple 3 good to begin with?

  18. Just one simple question, is there any difference in the look other than size?

  19. Just bought a Series 4 used for $100 same as trade in value at Best Buy. I love this watch has everything I need and use didn’t need the always on face so the 4 is basically the same as the 5. But the 3 is definitely lacking by the comparison to 4 or 5.

  20. I just had an open heart surgery and I thought since I must be careful with monitoring my heart condition, that an apple watch might be the answer. I thank you for all the information, to help me make a choice. The better heart monitor in the apple 5 seems to be a more logical choice, thanks

  21. Worth adding the new compass does make a major upgrade in Maps, it now shows the direction you are walking which can be an issue sometimes with the 3 when you lose direction.

  22. I really like the Apple watch but I have a Samsung S10.

  23. Thanks for the video and your very thorough commentary in explaining the differences between the series 3 and 5. Since I'm more interested in heart health, the series 5 seems to be the best choice. Thanks again!

  24. Wonderful presentation…..thanks so much…so well clarified….concise and very helpful.

  25. If I say Dick Tracy has arrived will anyone understand?

  26. Thank you so much for such a informative understandable break down .. 5 it is for me ???

  27. 5 in 44mm has 4 extra faces with different complications over model 3. A bit faster. I like 3 and appreciate the lower price point.
    5 is a great watch too.

  28. U almost convinced me that it is worth fighting with my wife to go ahead with series 5 instead of series 3..

  29. New buyer and it helped to make my decision thanks

  30. EKG, bigger screen & Always On Display – my favorite is the series 5 ??

  31. My GShOCK has a green light…pretty cool ..

  32. How come all fitness guys that have a Apple Watch also have one of the cheaper fitbits??

  33. So basically your saying…… The Apple Watch series 5 has this… this…. and this… and the watch series 3 doesn’t have that… that… and that …..

  34. Excellent video! Thanks!

  35. Please try to speak slower!

  36. Crap comparison. Waste of time

  37. Great in depth and detailed review. Keep them coming. Thanks

  38. That was a very good report. I have now subscribed to your channel. I have an apple watch 3 with a cracked screen and running out of data, so the louder speaker and more memory are a plus on the series 5, but the price difference comes into it also. I think the memory and the louder speaker is tipping the balance, I guess the larger screen as well.

  39. Buy the 3 serie's the 5 is just way overpriced and not many new features

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