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Series 3 LTE vs Gear S3:
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  1. Buy Galaxy Watch Active:
    Series 3 LTE vs Gear S3:

    *Small verbal typo later in the video, I said S9 when I should have said S10.

  2. It's a samsung s10 not s9 5:40

  3. How you get that wallpaper on the galaxy watch

  4. Active 2 is out 44m size now
    or get gear s3

  5. Apple focus on luxury matriel and samsung on features with reasonable quality matriel

  6. Samsung's look premium. Apple looks plastic

  7. How do u get the message on the watch active

  8. Neither of these watches are manly. I'm not saying they're ugly but let's keep things in perspective here. These are good watches for fitness. And, price wise, Samsung wins hands down. I wouldn't wear either of these post workout.

    My wife has the Samsung, and it looks great on her, but it's way to small for me. That said if they made an XL version of the Galaxy I'd consider it as a daily driver.

  9. Can you use is iwatch with a samsung phone??

  10. WTF i already fell in love with that watch face.

  11. Can you text and make phone calls on it like the Apple Watch?

  12. I had horrible battery life on the Active. It didn't even last a full day with moderate to heavy use. I returned it right at three weeks in.

  13. "Galaxy s9 or s9+"….

  14. The Samsung is hella fugly

  15. mickey mouse crappy watch crapple sucks ?

  16. What about people with small wrist?

  17. Why are these being compared? One is a fitness watch with smartwatch capabilities and there is a full blown smartwatch

  18. omg show us the bloody apps. so much talking just holding the watches in front of you without any demo. may as well read a review article

  19. I'm sure that's a s10

  20. Great comparison! Would you mind explaining how you got Spotify installed on the Galaxy watch Active? Seems to be gone from Galaxy store for some reson.

  21. Not really a fan of how either of them look tbh. I love the regular Galaxy watch's design, although I think the active is very reasonably priced IF you have a promo code from the Samsung s10.

  22. no airpower sorry?

  23. If you're a Samsung user get the active
    If you're a apple user get the apple watch

  24. Can you downliad games on the samsung galaxy watch active? Also if the watch is connected to your phone and your phone is connected to data, can you use the data?

  25. What is that cool watch faces on the GWA?

  26. Кто русский? Пролайкай чтобы англичане подумали, что здесь что умное, интересное???

  27. Wait…You said at 3:37 that both watches have heart rate monitor, but at 4:17 you say that the apple watch is the only one that has it. So which is it?

  28. Did the Galaxy watch active have lte version?

  29. It would be nice if apple watch would work with android

  30. I would love to have an apple watch, but then i'd also have to get an iPhone. Would be around 1000$ to get the watch and an iPhone XR. Therefore i got the watch active. I have quite small wrists so it fits pretty good! Swapped the white/gray bands out for some black ones, and that really help making it look less feminine and a bit more substantial.

  31. Nice review bro 😉

  32. Hah! the Galaxy Watch Active says "WTF it's ready" like "WTF IT'S READY!!!" hehe… 🙂

  33. 5.45 you said that the s9 has wireless powershares but it actually doesn't just letting you know, nice review though.

  34. I prefer the galaxy watch. My current model.lasts for 5 days.

  35. Well look at that, the apple watch actually is better than the Galaxy Watch Active! Love love love my Series 4 Apple Watch!q

  36. Did you use the GPS on the Active any part of the 2 days? Would be interesting to know how long it lasts with 1 or 2 hours of GPS use

  37. Both has a heart rate monitor, 20 secs later, if you want heart rate monitor you need to get the apple watch.

  38. Jus bought the active the other day. I LOVE IT. Especially for $200. Plus I don't need 100 apps on my watch, that's why I have a phone.

  39. Kind of forgot to mention that you NEED an iPhone to even use the Apple watch, otherwise it's a paperweight.

  40. Does this track steps? I cant figure it out.

  41. Hey Jeff . Good video . I will buy Samsung Galaxy Watch Active . Does he make a phone call ? Thanks.

  42. I can't trust health stuff on Samsung/ Galaxy products.

  43. This whole comparison is between apples and oranges. The galaxy active is mostly a fitness watch with notifications. Its big brother (the Galaxy watch) is the full featured one, and the one compare (and in my opinion beat the apple watch). How can your review be complete without it?

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