So what do you guys think. Is the new Apple Watch or Samsungs Galaxy watch your new Favorite smartwatch?

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  1. I was waiting for your cat to shit on the apple watch lol

  2. I think galaxy watch has must pretty cool features

  3. I like the look of the galaxy watch better.

  4. Did he just call the galaxy watch gear during a review?

  5. Apple Watch series is better.

    You will know if you truly understand tech.

    Still prefer the classic look.

  6. I guess I will lay down…. I will charge my Samsung watch…. Hold up…….. I have 3 more days of battery life….

  7. I wish Samsung would adapt a smaller display, similar to Apple's size. I haven't yet owned a smart watch, but I've hesitated to dive in for the sake of 1) deciding if it's practical since my phone will be in my pocket anyhow and 2) I have slender wrists and the Android watches just seem massive to me. I suppose you need it to be large enough for on screen operations, but it seems uncomfortable. I like Apple's style better in this regard, but don't intend to switch phone camps. Battery life and functionality on the Samsung are great selling points!

  8. I love Apple Watch but short use and low battery ?

  9. I’m an Apple user. Never will I ever switch to Samsung.

  10. Tactical feedback. ????

  11. I have the galaxy watch and I like it more than my old apple watch.

  12. fuck apple and samsung
    still fan of Nokia

  13. Both watches are smart and beautiful ( I HAVE THE APPLE ? WATCH SERIES 4=44mm ) I want the Samsung Galaxy by this summer ( I WANT THEM BOTH )

  14. 2:58 how professional..

  15. Just Samsung and Android….

  16. I will say Apple Watch ⌚️ And It looks like your cat first day of your video lol ?

  17.  Watch is better. Still like the galaxy though

  18. Samsung for the watch Apple for the phone

  19. I'm a fan of Samsung and all, but the apple watch is more of my style.

  20. Apple Watch series 4 all the way

  21. Useless video as fuck first you didn’t show the LTE OPTION what extra ? Number 2 why u didn’t open music coz in Samsung watch you can hear sound on watch and in apple u can’t only throw phone . Learn how to show and talk

  22. It's not helping that he is an apple fan, when samsung is winning 100%

  23. Team Apple! ❤️

  24. The Samsung watch is actually a nice classy watch and a smart watch to not a fucking box with a crown and straps

  25. 18 hr’s on apple compare with 5 days on Galaxy you Figure it out if you

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