Today we’re taking a look at the Apple Watch Series 4 and see how it compares to Fitbit’s top of the line wearable — the Versa — and to figure out which one is the right smartwatch/fitness tracker for you.

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  2. Fitbit Versa all the life (I have the Versa 2), I love apple, but the watch it's not wort it! it's too fat the screen it's cool but the design it's old, and it's fucking expensive to buy for just one year or two! maybe with a new design I will think about it, but for now they will sell the same watch for years with minor changes…. fucking apple….

  3. The Versa 2 and Versa 2 Special Edition came out and are better

  4. Fitbit Versa's screen scratches very easy. I have a scratch on mine and it was only after a few days of getting a replacent for my old Versa that died.

  5. Isn't the series 5 being announced in a month or two?

  6. ECG is available in all of Europe and Canada now

  7. I feel like there is no comparing the two. Battery life on the fitbit is better but that's because you can do a lot less on it than the apple watch. You're getting what you pay for. If you're a simple person and really are just interested in fitness tracking, just get the fitbit.

  8. I’ve owned a Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit Versa; and a Apple Watch Series 0. I’d say if you don’t care about smartwatch features much then Fitbit is better because it has better battery, sleep tracking, and is cheaper but has all the tracking features you need. If you want a smartwatch or both, Apple Watch is better by far at smartwatch capabilities and does also feel nicer to use and looks better

  9. Fair assessment. Apple fan boi here – I considered both a year or so ago – most important to me: battery life, cost, heart rate/fitness/sleep tracking. I bought a Versa and have been happy with it.

  10. I used an Apple Watch…
    So I can tell that,

    “Smart watches are useless….”

    (At least for me)

  11. Can this the fit bit be used without a phone? I’m asking for a grandparent

  12. Fitbit versa smells BROKE!

  13. Fitbit what? Sorry, but I don’t speak broke.

  14. Pointless review. Nothing compares to Apple Watch. Add LTE, nothing comes close.

  15. Does the Apple Watch have 24 Hr heart rate monitoring?

  16. The Apple Watch software and hardware may be significantly better but I think the versa’s simple and straight forward fitness tracking make it more valuable to me

  17. Apple Product is a lot better

  18. I could tell from the first 10 seconds when u started scrolling up and down on virsa … really slow and laggy

  19. I have also experience with Fitbit trackers, but their HR sensor isn't so precise as by iWatch. Therefore I selected iWatch as a fitness tracker also. One minus is only the battery stamina on iWatch.

  20. More Mark's reviews on channel plz!!

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