Which smartwatch is best for you? We test out Apple’s latest Watch and Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch in the real world.

Apple Watch Series 4 fitness review: We tested Apple’s fitness claims:
Samsung Galaxy Watch first impressions:

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Apple Watch Series 4 review:
Samsung Galaxy Watch review:

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  1. Apple Watch Series 4 or Samsung Galaxy Watch? Which do you prefer?

  2. Galaxy Watch ?? Currently using it with my iPhone 6S while I wait for my Galaxy Ultra ?

  3. I like the round design of the Samsung watch but I like the was the Apple Watch is set up.

  4. Im not gonna give apple all that money for limited features and a small screen. Samsung all day for me

  5. I dont know why I'm watching this, I have a Samsung so I'm obviously going to get galaxy watch

  6. I switched to samsung last year and from experience, apple watches are so easy to break. I dropped mine from 3 and a half feet onto the table and it shattered

  7. Apple Watch craps all over galaxy watch ?

  8. The galaxy watch now has google assistant

  9. They know Galaxy has an active watch too right? They seemed to focus on exercise… And the Galaxy watch can use any watch band like any….and it's just a button to change them

  10. I cant understand why people keep fighting over smartphone brands… oh god

  11. Bruh… She only chose the apple watch because of the health and fitness feature!

    Samsung has that too, stupid.

  12. 3:54 That’s the first time you’ve put on jogging pants in years isn’t it?
    Also, S3 is king. This whole just a watch s4 isn’t

  13. I love my Galaxy Watch. Had it as a bday gift. Been wearing it ever since. Perfect for my Galaxy S9+ and a linux laptop. Perfect trio. I cant asked for more.

  14. My uncle asked siri 0÷0 and swiched to android R.I.P appke watch series 4

  15. What's good is that you can add Google Assistant on your galaxy watch for more responsive answers

  16. thanks. useful intro and comparsion

  17. Apple watch is trash

  18. The Galaxy watch appeared to beat the apple watch on 'most' points yet they both chose the apple watch?
    This is why fan boys/girls opinions are worthless.

  19. I have a galaxy watch even though i have an iphone, the functions dont work as good then if i had a galaxy phone but i like the size, look, and customizability better than the apple watch but I definitely like the apple watches tech better, the voice to text, heart monitor, gps tracking, ect…

  20. I’m an apple user but I wouldn’t buy another Apple Watch, the Samsung is far better and half the price.

  21. i have Samsung everything and i have the 46mm watch… but bixby sucks

  22. I'm using Android mobile so which one i want to buy samsung galaxy or apple Watch

  23. Idk what she said about harder to switch out the bands on galaxy watch it's very easy to swap out lmao.

  24. I’m an iPhone user. I don’t know which of the two to get. I love the look of the Samsung watch, but the Apple ecosystem integrates very well

  25. I had the frontier and the Note 8, both clunky in particular the watch which broke after a year, went back to Apple and won't change back. I don't like stuff that fall appart and Samsung did nothing to help.

  26. It took me 4 seconds to get both the straps on the galaxy watch out. Idk what they talking about
    These guys are isheeps

  27. Glaxy watch is Better than Apple watch

  28. I have the galaxy watch active 2

  29. Bixby function is the only downside of the Galaxy watch it's trash

  30. It took me 2 minutes to adjust to the Apple Watch layout

  31. Gear s3 frontier vs galaxy watch vs apple watch 4 series

  32. Apple watch has limited screens ??? What are you dumb

  33. Lady in blue is so stupid. She wear apple watch with crown on right side buhahahha

  34. as soon as i said last comment i love the apple watch but i just broke my iphone 11 pro max

  35. i prefure the galaxy watch

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