These are all my favorite tips and tricks I do with my apple watch series 5 that help me through the day. These tips are very useful and can definitely give everyone a better ownership experience on Watch OS 6.

Products and accessories I use.
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  1. Thankyou im just getting my very newborn applewatch ive wanted one since the very first & i really wish i had had one when i was with my ex friend who used to rally bully me & he hid my iphone xr until i gave him money & he really was very nasty & i really needed an iwatch so i could call the cops for help so because i am disabled & vunerable EVERY WOMAN OR YOUNG TEENAGE GIRL SHOULD HAVE A BACKUP FOR HELP IF NEEDED THANKYOU SO MUCH

  2. YOSHI! SWOONS How kawaii lol

  3. Crazy that it ends right around 10 min

  4. I got the 40mm series 5 I felt like the 44mm was a bit chunky on my wrist plus £100 more. Anyway I love my series 5 and this video was great ??

  5. This was soooo helpful. Thanks!

  6. Within 45mins I got my iwatch unlocked perfectly through willsontech7 on IG he is legit ? ?

  7. willsontech7 on IG
    Unlocked my boyfriend iwatch series 4 for me perfectly he is legit ??

  8. willsontech7 on IG
    Unlocked my iwatch series 4 perfectly he is legit ??

  9. Apple watch is good to check time and its apprearance.
    Everyone to buy apple watch for sports app. in watch, need check watch's function of sports app.
    i bought and used pools swimming App. but its function is add. I did swimming 2000meters but Apple watch app marked 4000meters. The next day i tried again to check again. Apple watch showed my record wrong. i did 1900 meters but watch marked 3800 meters.

  10. I feel like you should have got the 40mm version for your wrist size.

  11. Pornhub gonna be lit with this watch

  12. How did you get that complication which shows the battery time of both your watch and your iphones battery status?

  13. Cannot figure out what all you're doing to take the screen shot

  14. Thank you. This informational video was truly useful. You put a lot of thought into it and the live screen demonstration, instead of just a 'talking head' was amazingly great. Well done.

  15. Please how do I use WPS on Apple Watch

  16. Excellent, thank you…

  17. Hello… where do you shop for watch bands? thanks Joe

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