Apple Watch 5 – 20 Things You NEED to KNOW before buying!
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  1. I want a refund I knew all these

  2. Hey Wow how long into the video do you start talking about the watch? 5 min in toooo many commericals on 4 squares and whatever else moving on to someone who actually knows something about the watch than sell something

  3. Hey Margaret, stop sending me letters! Where did you get my address??? Stop sending me your whining about losing your husband, women lose their husbands everyday. So stop sending me letters. I will be putting a restraining order against you if you don’t stop. Leave me alone. Your stalking me!!!!

  4. In gps have black color ?

  5. What matters is what the new tech upgrades can do for me not what it is made of. Gone forever the days when a person bought a Swiss watch for a fortune just to show off, and only to tell the time

  6. I end my school day with 72-69% battery on my 42mm series 2. If I have always on display on a series five, what battery life can I expect?

  7. The compass has been really inaccurate

  8. Great video. Very informative. All those complaining about the ‘commercial ‘ need to chill, you were sponsored. The more information, the better.

  9. Jesus, stop with the fucking 10 minute intro!

  10. Please change the title it’s confusing because I think it’s saying “things you didn’t know about Apple watches series 5 to 20” pretty confusing

  11. On my box it said the watch was aluminium but I actually got titanium XD
    At least I got the titanium for a cheaper price 🙂

  12. If you but the watch with cellular can you turn cellular off?

  13. too much sponsor time 2 minutes of BLA BLA -_-

  14. 2 minutes in and just get around to the main content.. I didn’t bother.. I lost hope..

  15. Great watch review I’ve been watching so many videos being that I picked one up for me and my little bro and you shared some great information

  16. You suck ass for making this video

  17. 2 minutes into the video and it was still just aimless rambling so I bailed. I stayed just long enough to leave this dickish comment.

  18. Hey F-YOU Apple Watch 4…Apple Watch 5 just kicked your dirty CULO!!!

    Can I now get a dirty culo Apple Watch 4??

  19. Would be nice not to have to listen to a 2 minute commercial lead in — incredibly annoying.

  20. Bro what happened why do you have so many Commercials now you were doing just fine without them just saying I love your channel

  21. I have the Apple Watch 3 but can’t get the new watch faces?

  22. why can't we just watch the video with out all the dam commercials…soo annoying

  23. Are you going to the gym, Daniel? Such a show off you are ?.. Looking very super ultra duper good there. ?

  24. Sounds more like a commercial…

  25. Your website is awesome!

  26. waste of time – avoid this

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