Apple just unveiled the newest Apple Watch (we’re up to the Series 5 now) and — I mean this in the nicest way — but there isn’t much to see. Whereas last year’s model, the Series 4, ushered in a new, larger screen and a built-in electrocardiogram test, the differences in the Series 5 are difficult to notice at a glance. Chief among them: an always-on display that’s constantly visible at dim brightness, but that wakes up to a fuller brightness when you tap it.

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  1. I saw iJustine lol

  2. My jaw literally dropped when she said $1299 for the watch $1299 for a fucking watch

  3. I'm not an apple user. Thinking of it as a present. What does it do aside from compass etc?

  4. Justine should have just come and take over during the video

  5. Did anyone see injustine in it?

  6. I can buy a compass at Joe's Hardware for 2 bucks.

  7. 00:39 me on the knee scooter

  8. They should do a product red iwatch series 5 ?

  9. Justine in the back round 0:36

  10. You say umm aAlotttttt ummm

  11. Anyone see iJustine in the background ?

  12. Đẹp lung linh

  13. Is nobody going to point out that ijustine is in the background?

  14. when you see ijustine in the background?

  15. Smart watches are starting to get boring. When are they going to introduce something new to them?

  16. 2 sizes but only mentions one "40 and 40mm" lol

  17. Omg who saw injustice in the background?! ???

  18. Tough choice. 40 and 40 mm models

  19. Im gonna keep my series 3

  20. Thanks for watching…get it thanks for watching….
    I'll leave now.

  21. You say um A LOT. um

  22. Did she say 40 and 40mm.

  23. Uhm. Uhm. Uhm. Uhm. I can’t.

  24. Just peeped ijustine?

  25. Why can’t Apple sell series 4?

  26. Wow Hey! There’s iJustine in the background! Hahaha

  27. Gear S3 Classic rules

  28. Did anyone see iJustine in the background

  29. I seen ijustine in this video

  30. 2 kidney for apple phone and neabourhood 2 kidney for ape watch series 5 ?

  31. 1299$ for a watch ? God give me a third kidney ,please !!

  32. come on man, you repeat everyting they said in the keynotes. why can't you just show us when you talk about the features. thumb down

  33. "changes that are not always visible at a passing glance" …immediately describes always on display, which is literally a change designed to be visible at a passing glance. 🙂

  34. Press like if u saw ijustine

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