Apple announced the new Apple Watch Series 5 today, bringing an always-on display. In addition to the new screen, the Series 5 adds a new titanium finish option as well as the ceramic option that was available on prior models but disappeared for last year’s Series 4.

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  1. Dont forget your live strong bracelet. Gotta be grounded

  2. Why hasn’t the series 4 drop by $100?

  3. "18 hr of battery life ,because they are good at screen " , LOL , a smartwatch that cant even last a day

  4. I just bought the series 5 and the compass isn't on it

  5. I don’t have the compass on my watch?

  6. Wow. it is good review. i want to buy a apple watch series5. Here's buying link of apple watch series5. @t

  7. I got the Series 5 Stainless Steel and I don’t have a compass app. And it won’t let me open the Apple Watch Store on my phone..

  8. I don’t like the always on display. I’d get a regular watch if I wanted that. Watches, aside from notifications, are useless for most other things beside gimmicks.

  9. 18 hr battery life?!?!? Wtf! For $500… no thanks.

  10. I’m not ignorant. Please tell me why do you need Apple Watch?

  11. Waiting Apple Watch series 10 to buy this one ?

  12. it is hilarious to see people happy that they finally have the option for an "always on" on such an expensive smartwatch. Only Apple fans can be years behind in basic features and be this thankful when they get them completely unaware that every other gadget almost did before Apple. You guys are killing me xD

  13. 500 for a watch that self destructs on your wrist within 2-2 years

  14. Who cares about a always on display??? It does not take much to flip your wrist to see what time it is?

  15. If you have the series 4 guys just keep it

  16. Will the series 4 bands work onthis

  17. OK buddy, but your face, RED …

  18. Bulbul watches >

  19. I got distracted I didn’t know if i If I should put attention the Apple Watch or the dimple he had on his face

  20. But will I get shocked if I don't have my live strong bracelet on?

  21. The future of Apple is android’s past

  22. After one year still no ECG, or second SIM in Saudi Arabia. Totally rip off.

  23. Ordered mine, can’t wait. I wonder if when the watch is off your wrist (either just sitting on a table or on its charger for overnight) if the screen turns off then or if it’s “always on” then too?

  24. Honestly, if Apple skipped a year or two to release a phone, they can probably make something very revolutionary. My opinion though.

  25. Finally stop the funny looking black apple watch on people wrists. Always on displays always look better for others aswell

  26. Great, now just improve the battery significantly and I might get one, assuming they keep the price the same.

  27. Titanium & aluminum looks the same

  28. „My favorite thing about the new watch is the price drop of the two year old model“

  29. 1 hertz is 1/second ?

  30. 1 hz is not refreshing once every minute, it's one every second. Which makes sense since the watch is probably showing the seconds pointer moving.

  31. These watches have very smooth ui in comparison to those amazfit watches

  32. Wow, really nothing new to talk about ? A compass ? Always on ? My friend’s Samsung watch is already always on. Without Jobs and Ive, Apple is really going down hill.

  33. Will the compass app be apple watch 5 specific or will 3 series get it?

  34. Apple Users are finally in 2014

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