Apple just debuted the fifth-generation Apple Watch — the Apple Watch Series 5. This new devices has several new features including new case materials titanium and ceramic as well as an Always-On Retina OLED display. AppleInsider got to go hands-on with the new iWatch at its special event in Cupertino.

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  1. When I open games at Apple Watch the sound is loud, how do I lower it

  2. Are they water tight?

  3. Once I buy it what’s the price monthly or is it free and uses my phones program

  4. I got a 4 series about 5 months ago… i wish i bought myself a classy watch instead and a separate FitBit. Loooooads of apps are not compatible including whatsapp etc. Even if mine is cellular as well, u cant send or receive messages if you dont have the phone close by. You can make calls but you wont find any contact in the contact directory unless you have the phone near by. Waste of money honestly. Sure, if u have spare cash and dont mind wasting it is absolutely lovely watch…thats all it is.. a watch ✌️doubt 5 is any better

  5. My series 5 iwatch got unlocked through smartspy07 on IG his 100% secure

  6. Anybody know what band color that is at 1:34?! It’s the aluminum gray with some type of blue!!!

  7. The Stainless Steel watches looks the best and the rest looks too cheap and generic.

  8. I have the Apple Watch series 3 and I’m upgrading this year to Apple Watch series 5.

  9. Being a runner, using blue tooth, cellular and GPS, how long will the battery last? The 4 is around 4 hours. Would only consider upgrading if the batter life exceeds the 4.

  10. I liked the steel strap, please share a link from where to buy it.

  11. I have a version 3, and I do not see a good reason to upgrade neither to 4 nor to 5.

  12. I want buy but I am poor man?????????

  13. Preordered this, will be my first Apple Watch

  14. Ummmm NEXT the new iwatch 6 is coming next year so is not that far

  15. Impossible to not laugh at how Americans pronounce aluminium ????

  16. Does the ceramic one means you dont have to take it off going through airport security???

  17. Why tf cant they just release a new model every 3-5 years i mean its understandable to upgrade a phone every year or 2 but a watch? You serious… i got the 2nd edition a little less than 2 years ago and it works fine now they in fifth im done like who cares to upgrade their watch every year

  18. Nobody uses a compass anymore. Psh. Unreal.

  19. Either getting the Nike or Hermes watch never owned an apple but that's about to change

  20. The 2 tone straps look ridiculous – why have the colour running inside the strap where nobody can see it?

  21. series5は常時点灯が搭載されましたが4までのような点灯モードも出来ると思いますか?

  22. I would upgrade but they got rid of series 4, and not offering any trade-in for that… so… will wait to see for next year.

  23. Damn I still have series 1

  24. Isn’t it aluminium?

  25. I ordered one, since my iwatch 3 screen broken.. >_<"

  26. Why it's worth to upgrade? One reason: Apple watch series 5 always on display be like KA-CHOW of Lightning McQueen to everyone around you.

  27. Are they going to make a Nike one

  28. Skipping 11 getting the Apple Watch 5, first one

  29. I’m still rocking the OG, was putting another watch purchase off until I saw the 5 and it’s 32g memory. Pre ordered one today.

  30. And I literally just bought the series 4 2 days ago

  31. Hi
    ..can you reply me
    ..this is first time I will planning to buy Apple Watch series 5 ..what about your opinion or suggestions..This is right time to buy watch or I will wait to nxt yr watch ?

  32. So it's 44 and 40mm like serie 4? Are the bands from serie 4 still compatible?

  33. I want 4 inches Apple watch !!!

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