Does the Series 5 have what it takes?
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Apple just unveiled the Apple Watch Series 5, and while it doesn’t include very many changes, it packs the feature that EVERYONE was asking for.. an always-on display!

This feature makes a massive difference for a lot of people.

Other than that, there are some new features…

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  2. Almost $500 for an always on display… I’ll pass.

  3. Got an Apple Watch 2 from 2016, not sure if I should upgrade, could get a Series 5 for 400€

  4. What about a brand new Apple Watch user what would you do would you buy the five or by the three

  5. Idk my series 1 is very slow

  6. I’m about to get myself one since I need it. But I don’t know if I should get a 4 or a 5 but you think it’s worth getting 4 and keep it for another 1 year. How long do you consider to stay with 5?

  7. I have the 4 and the only way I can see the face off is if I use a mirror. Every time I want to look at the watch face I have to move my wrist anyway.

  8. Thank you for this video. I own a Series 0 (the original first generation Apple Watch) and I have worn it since 2015. It has stopped being able to upgrade and is not compatible with a lot of new apps (esp. several iPhone fitness apps I actually use). I've been thinking about upgrading to a Series 5. Your video is very helpful and informative.

  9. Should i buy the series 4 or series 5?

  10. I find it kind of shitty that they discontinued series4 and still sell series 3. They’re discontinuing the 4 so the 5 would look like a big upgrade from 3.

  11. I hope series 6 has a big change 😐

  12. Isuzu couch. X jakaohe d

  13. While there are only TWO noticeable upgrades (always on/different finishes) the series 5 is a joke when compared to the series 4… Sure it’s an upgrade from a 1 or 2 – but if you own a 3 or 4 it’s a definite skip

  14. Me watching this with my Apple watch 2 and still dont want to upgrade cuz why

  15. Getting my very first iWatch tomorrow – the 5 series.

  16. fooling peps like you

  17. I’m upgrading from series 2, series 2 battery is finally getting me to quit

  18. Should I get 4 for $100 less than the 5 or the 5? Is the AOD worth it?

  19. Does your always on display turn off sometimes anyway

  20. 16gb is plenty for me on my ipad air 2

  21. Just got the series 3 for $190 and that's all most people really need.

  22. Amazing work with smartspy07 on IG his life saver

  23. I have the series 4 the Nike 44mm I think I will wait it’s not worth the upgrade to me it’s very expensive

  24. The series 5 is a great smart watch. Not worth an upgrade from the series 4 unless you don't mind paying more because you really need the always-on display and/or more storage. Even then you really should wait for the next Watch. I don't have a Watch and I'm holding out for when Apple releases one with sleep tracking with better battery life, and it's been reported that it's very likely this will come in the 2020 series 6 release.

  25. How about serie 0 (the very first Apple Watch, even if it’s working perfectly)

  26. Apple sucks balls.

  27. I just got a series 4 cause the price came down and always on and a compass didn’t mean that much to me

  28. Your advertising sucks, you should try not doing that

  29. So basically to make it more like a regular watch?

  30. Finally the Apple Watch series 5 is out, which means that the series 4 will be cheaper. Now I can finally afford a used series 1

  31. I will upgrade from series 1 to 4! I’m excited!!

  32. so upgrade if you have a series 3? But I have a series one what should I do?

  33. ECG, is an excellent feature. New watch faces, fall detection. Wheelchair mode for me is worth it alone.

  34. Iam i the only who don’t use siri

  35. Ol Max getting buff

  36. I have a Series 2 that i bought used from one of my co-workers when he upgraded to the 3. I'm not sure if I want to get the 5 or just wait to see what the 6 has in store.. honestly the only thing I really use it for is to pause my music and Apple Pay, lol

  37. I’m using the series4 and I am really good with it, I don’t see a real reason like you said to really upgrade to the series5. I feel like the always on display will just drain the battery even more. Thank you for your honest review

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