AppleInsider reviews the brand new Apple Watch Series 5. Apple adds a couple key features to keep the wearable as the best smart watch in the market.

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  1. voice quality is awful in series 5.

  2. Wow, this is such an uninformative review. I hope you don't get paid that much. You need to breath when talking. And shave that beard…. Also, what is tritanium?

  3. Lol only the US has 911
    (maybe a few other US influenced countries, but not everywhere else there’s no 911)

  4. Is it worth to buy ceramic or titanium for a watch that can only last around 3 years? I don't think so

  5. watching this video from my S5 watch ?

  6. Really starting to wonder if these reviewers on YouTube are just paid promotions spokesman. Why aren't any major reviewers of the Series 5 talking more if at all about the horrible battery life of the new Series 5 and even some reports of the series 4 too on the latest watch OS update? People aren't even making it through a day before their Apple watch dies. That's just not acceptable. 500 or more dollars for the cellular or upgraded materials version of these watches should easily garner all day battery life and then some.

  7. One reviewer mentioned that his series 4 screen was overall noticeably brighter comparing side by side with the series 5 screen. Did you experienced the same? Could it be caused by the new series 5 screen technology and it’s will to save battery ?

  8. Nine-year-olds HAVE TO adults should be mature enough to get over that impulse, I see this video It’s just a rehash of your last one

  9. Scary that your heartrate is so high at rest my dude!

  10. Got the silver titanium yesterday. It is beautiful. Love the always on display as well. Worth the upgrade for me personally.

  11. I really want this Apple Watch for my birthday present next month ?

  12. Upgrading from S1. I can’t wait!

  13. I love the S5. I updated from S4 and thought it was well worth it, doubling my storage was what I needed. I listen to a lot of music, podcasts and audiobooks. Great video, I wish I got titanium, I went to what S.Steel gold.

  14. I love the concept of Apple Watch, but are you not concerned about the constant rf exposure? If it is broadcasting against your wrist at all times do we know the long term health concerns?

  15. You forgot about the Hermès

  16. I wish the Apple Watch can let you choose 2 faces. One just for always on the display

  17. I just switched from Android back to apple love the Iphone 11 but, I am really disappointed with Apple watch 5 My best friend has the apple watch 2, His Battery lasts all day we both leave are house at same time with out using are watches just doing a 8.5 mile run on my new Series 5 my battery is down to 30 % with everything shut off. Not even using it for my Music, Always on off, Heart rate off, Just using the GPS really a piece of crap coming from a Samsung watch, Told Apple they sent me a repair box to send mine back, They promised me a new watch, Said just return mine. But why should I have to wait like 7 days just to see if the next one works.

  18. As a series 3 owner, the only thing that interests me is the always on display. Apps are not that interesting on a watch. Except for the health benefits.

  19. yeah..definitely the price of king…

  20. Wow nothing new if you're coming from Samsung galaxy watch

  21. The new S5 is much less bright at max brightness compared to S4 the new screen isn’t as bright big shame

  22. Good information

  23. with no speed improvements its a no deal from me, also they need to add iCloud messages to to watch its so annoying keep deleting messages, and titanium looks same as aluminium so not as premium looking

  24. Only two major improvements after all this time apple step your game up

  25. The battery life on my 1 year old 44mm series 4 last longer than my wife’s 40mm Series 5. The always-on display is tempting though.

  26. The real upgrade will be when they add a camera to the watch

  27. But the 3 refurb is $189 at Apple.

  28. Apple is king in smartphones.
    Apple is king in tablets.
    Apple is king in smartwatches.
    Apple is king in computers.
    Above all, Apple is king in prices.

  29. It also tells time.

  30. This watch tells time.

  31. They F up the four series

  32. I’m the one who view this video. Thumbs up

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