The Series 5 is similar to the Series 4, but shoppers buying their first Apple Watch won’t mind.

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  1. I just bought one and Love it, it's like the coolest smart watch out there just now, if you want to buy one click the link below

  2. What size face did you get?

  3. Didn’t the Series 4 also have a LTPO display?

  4. are these apple watches made only for women…..thanks for the review

  5. WhatsApp the most used app in the world does not work on it. Complete joke

  6. So it's a Series 4 with a spec bump and an always on display, a feature that dates back to 2014 when the first Android Wear watches came out. Got it.

  7. So why buy 5 if 4 is the same?

  8. When she said “Hey Siri.” The Siri on my phone activated ?

  9. I got the Apple Watch 5 thanks though

  10. guys should i buy apple watch series 5 or robot vector and cozmo anki please i need reaply

  11. NO PULSEOXYMETER …. very weak for the year 2019

  12. Excellent review, thanks!

  13. Came from a series 1! Wow what a nice upgrade!

  14. Ayyy the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk background portrait is nice

  15. Coming from a series 2
    This is amazing and I’ve fell in love all over again

  16. Apple and Samsung definitely make some of my favorite watches

  17. A question people – do we have to tap on the notification for starting auto exercise tracking or we only need to tap to the notification after the workout has ended and it will record or don't need to tap the starting and ending notification and it will record . Confused about Auto exercise recognition. Someone clear my question .

  18. This really was not that great of a review. I think the Always-on display is plenty of good reason to upgrade from 4 to 5. And what do you mean, "safe" time to get an Apple Watch? Was there ever an un-safe time? Even the very first Apple Watch handles up to Watch OS 5… so obviously there has never been an unsafe time to get one. Strange review.

  19. So i basically paid 500 for a device that cant even oparte without a phone? I cant browse internet or watch youtube videos? Are apple fabs that simple? All i hear i biased super fanboys/girls. I thought this was the best smartwatch there is

  20. 6:18 set my Siri of in the middle of the night ??

    (Edit)- 6:17

  21. Please don't start your video with "THIS IS" that's Doug's thing. Lol jk, but thanks for the vid.

  22. I have to admit the AW5 is the first time I feel like it’s a “must buy” accessory from Apple….

    Blown away so far…

  23. Apple Watch 5 poor battery life has been fixed with watch OS 6.1 Beta. Check my channel for more details.

  24. Need to do something to improve battery life. It’s not good with the always on display

  25. Love the always on screen.. Don’t love the auto brightness at all. Need to find a way to turn it off.

  26. Upgraded from Series 4 for compass. For long term hikers (overnight or longer) you would want a traditional compass. For day hikes in my area, there are trails that are not well marketed and in areas where the GPS fails just when you need it most. The new watch then becomes a most valuable crisis manager!

  27. I always considered the stainless steel to be the default apple watch but now that I think about it, I've never seen anybody else have anything other than the aluminum. The ion x glass is the deal breaker for me.

  28. Solid review ; thanks!

  29. That dress she’s wearing is black and blue

  30. Sooooo all I have to do is update my Apple Watch 4 and poof it’s exactly like the 5. You just saved me a lot of money…

  31. I bought a series 5 the other night from my local Verizon store. I guess I’m the first in the area…

  32. Y does she remind me if Rebecca from greys anatomy she even has the lisp

  33. I bought the 44 mm series 5 black stainless steel lte on debut day. I couldn’t be happier with it -liking the new screen too. I’m giving my mom my series 3 42mm black stainless lte. ⌚️⌚️

  34. I wasnt even interested in SERIES 1. I despise APPLE spy wear?.

  35. It's the best watch for Apple users. If you use Android, go with something like the Samsung Gear S3, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active etc.

  36. I like your black and blue top.

  37. I’ve upgraded from the series 4, I’ve been begging for an always on display! Worth every penny to me! And still can bank a little for my series 4!

  38. great smartwatch, terrible looks

  39. Can you give me a apple which Because I never got one so please and I love youer video please can you get me a Apple watch.

  40. I think the real question is what color is her shirt

  41. 6:32, I am very confused about the popularity of a tip calculation feature. I honestly have a hard time imagining anything more lazy and pointless.

    In case anyone is unaware, just multiply the amount you want to by the percentage you want with a decimal in front of said percentage, e.g. 10% of $28.37 is 28.37×.10.

  42. I would argue it's not the best smartwatch, at least software-wise.

    I honestly think Samsung has the best watch software, Tizen, from what I've seen of Apple's and heard about Google's.

  43. I’m sure the always on display is a simple software update for S4 lol

  44. When she said hey Siri my Siri came on ????

  45. I will give u a tree
    Give me a watch in return

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