Apple’s new Watch Series 5 starts out so far ahead of the competition that Apple didn’t need to do much. But it did one big thing: add an always-on display. In this review Dieter Bohn gets into all the new features of Apple’s latest smartwatch.

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  1. Would you upgrade for an always-on screen?

  2. I dont like the iphone and I want to buy one of these. Sad to hear that I need an iphone to program this watch

  3. Bought one. What a waste of money!!!

  4. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he voted for Hillary

  5. less informative and a lot of unnecessary chitter chatter. that's this video in short

  6. Samsung is still better

  7. That’s not a review that’s an advertisement

  8. Next thing you know the Apple Watches basically turn into a phone

  9. Watching because imma buy series 5 tomorrow ? , already excited

  10. I skipped some and bought the series 5 for my first watch. My friends said the I wasted my money and all watches are basically the same
    Is it because they don’t have a series 5?

  11. Sorry, no one can change my mind… Mi band 4 is the best and soon mi band 5 will available and it's even more of a killer than the 4! Sorry, apple lost this fight against Xiaomi (my opinion)

  12. Edward Norton! didn‘t know you were in the video?

  13. I have been a long time user of Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 and now Apple Watch 5, i can totally agree it’s the best smart watch ever made. It’s very responsive, u can swipe watch faces in less than a second without a lag, and all the apps in it work smoothly. I wish though if there was 3rd party watch faces

  14. Might get mine today I’m still debating whether or not

  15. First time Apple Watch user here! Just purchased a series 5. Thank you for great info!!!

  16. Is this the 44mm or 40mm

  17. I don't like this review. I don't want a review saying how awesome it is all the time. Obviously there are some things that are not so good and things that can be improved but this guy doesn't mention. I like Apple products and have been using it since 2009 but you gotta admit that it's not perfect.

  18. Only feature i care about is does it work on tattoos finally? I mean people were able to fix it with a piece of tape before…

  19. Apple Watch is good.. Garmin Fenix 6x is better. Had the Iwatch 5 series and have jumped to the Garmin Fenix 6x

  20. I’m 16 not a boomer. Just got one as a gift and I don’t know why it exists

  21. Ugh, I want one but 18 hours ain’t cutting it, it’s a smart watch so I need at least 36 hours, I don’t want to take off my watch every single day, that’s tiering and defeats the purpose of having a smart watch, especially or health and fitness

  22. Still not clear to me why it’s so ahead of the competition. The < 1 day battery life is kind of a deal killer too, especially when xiaomi is out here making great watches that last over a week or two with a single charge

  23. Doesn’t even have a camera

  24. Alot of diffrnt smart watches in your l8fe….well you look easily in your mid 30's and smart watches are not that old of a tech…so idk..just sounded weirs

  25. Yep think of getting one now. 5 series. It’s £20 a month

  26. I’m getting this Apple Watch series 5

  27. Just know if you have tattoos always on display doesn’t work found out after I brought it

  28. Great review buddy. I have series 5 and it really meets my standard for a smartwatch.?

  29. Nothing beats my Casio digital watch.

  30. That green Apple Watch band… anyone can give a link to buy it?

  31. You forget to mention that the Apple Watch has upgraded its internal storage memory from 16GB on the Series 4 to 32GB on the Series 5.

  32. I never had an Apple Watch ever in my life but I feel like getting the series 5 in a couple of weeks 🙂

  33. Novelty wears off in like a month or so. I like to view graphics full screen, you soon realise that there's no point concentrating on a tiny screen. Watches are for time only. I gave mine to my misses

  34. I got the series 5 for Christmas, much better then the series 2 for sure.

  35. Guys in the comments whens the last time you've seen someone use a apple watch like an actual watch or am i the only guy that gets rich ish kids in my face about their new watch and its not a crappy one like samsung.

  36. why doesn't any reviewer touch on the music capabilities? Being able to store 2gb of music for a run or workout is far more useful than any other feature… I've never owned or used one but this should be highlighted.

  37. Wow Always on screen!!!???

  38. Apple watch Are great? Are you kidding? It should named Charging watch 5. 18 Hours is ridiculous.
    Charging – working – Charging – sleeping – charging – jogging- Charging – sleeping……???

  39. I’ve watched this and I see no purpose of getting one.

  40. Apple Watch is all well and good. I just got my mom a series 5 for Christmas but I’m loyal to G-Shock. They’ve been always on since the eighties.

  41. I just got the series 5 and I’m having fun with it

  42. Just order the 5 aluminum ty nice ??

  43. Just ordered mine, 44mm series 5 Nike space grey WiFi. Comes on Tuesday, update in 6 months.

  44. I’m maybe getting one. Only for work so I don’t get in trouble for having my phone. Other than that I’ll just stick to my Rolex and my iPhone

  45. What size is the Apple Watch you’re using? 40mm or 44mm?? Great video!

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