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  1. Let me know which was your favourite one guys ????

  2. Very helpful video!

  3. I can’t wait to get this ? can you turn off the always on? I feel like that would hurt the battery.

  4. fakest laugg id ever heard when she asked for a joke?

  5. I got my apple watch series 5 but i want to put my own wallpaper so when its off and i look at it it shows the wall paper i want but when i try to set up the picture it says watch face limit you can only have up to 36 faces delete one to adda new one. What do i do helppppp

  6. I would’ve focused more on what the series 5 has exclusively, over half the stuff you were Naming applies to any Apple Watch but there was things I didn’t know! Thanks!

  7. I love your accent where are you from?

  8. Just purchased my first Apple Watch … 5 series … Can’t wait til it’s delivered

  9. Thanks very helpful! Can’t wait to play around with my watch.

  10. I love her accent. Idk if shes south African but her accent.

  11. Great video! Hey is that the 44 or 40 mm face watch you are wearing in the video? I’m trying to decide which size. I have a relatively thin wrist. Thanks!

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  13. I’m a simple guy and went in the store for a charger and left with a Series 5 watch lol

  14. I got the Apple Watch 3 because of prices and I love it.

  15. I did not know about the camera zoom with the crown! Lekker!!

  16. How do I get whatapp on my Apple Watch ?, I barely
    Going one today

  17. I love your voice your style ????

  18. i love apple watch ⌚️ 5 very good

  19. I just love watching Apple Watch videos, is that weird?

  20. I'll be impressed when voice memo emails me my notes w/o touching anything or 10 steps. Everyone needs this feature…get on it Apple! Apple keep breaking 3rd party memo to email solutions on my iPhone!

  21. Trying to get it should I or not

  22. My screen shot setting is on, but it’s not working and I am pressing both buttons at the same time?

  23. I bought mine in December and it is not doing the Siri feature of raising arm to your mouth to tell her to spell something as well as not responding if i talk to her on the watch unless i press the haptic wheel. Also, when going to ping the phone, pressing and holding that feature does not enable the flashing light. What is that?

  24. Do you HAVE to have the cellular version to transfer the calls and reply to messages or will that also work with the GPS only?

  25. For the last part my photos doesn’t show in my apple watch

  26. How much this Apple watch 5 England

  27. what's the music used at 0:34? i want to listen to the whole song so bad

  28. your videos are so energetic and well edited!! awesome!

  29. Just got mines today, I love it! ?

  30. Thanks ?, I got it all , but I would love to know where you got your wallpaper on your iPhone ?..

  31. 3:54 haha you fools

  32. How do I get the raise to spell feature to work?

  33. very good review hayls!keep it up!

  34. Getting the series 5 for my birthday! It’s one the 21st and I can’t wait!

  35. Apple:our watch is unique it does more than the others
    Samsung:Yeah our older watch did those

  36. If I purchase an Apple Watch series 5 with only GPS would I still be able to text and make phone calls with it ?

  37. Great video! Very useful tips & tricks!?? Subbed immediately after watching it and ordered the Apple Watch 5 series.?

    Never had a smartwatch before so I am really excited.?

  38. Where did you get the iPhone holder ??

  39. Is there a beginners video for first time users???? I want to try your tricks but I have to learn the basics.

  40. I just watched this video by chance and wow there are many hidden features I haven’t known so far! Great video! I suscribed to your channel !

  41. I have a Samsung Galaxy watch u.u

  42. The big one looks so ugly on ppl wrists. I got the 40mm which is big enough.

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