Space Gray Apple Watch Series 5 Unboxing & First Impressions + Custom Leather Watch Bands! | Apple Watch Series 5 w/ Cellular LTE Unboxing & First Impressions Review

Here is an unboxing and first impressions of the brand new Apple Watch Series 5 with cellular! I got the space gray aluminum 44mm variant and am loving it so far!

Custom Apple Watch Bands shown:

iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max Unboxing & Comparison:…

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  1. What Apple Watch/Watch band combo are you rocking?

  2. You should do film trailers with your voice

  3. The two greens match just fine?

  4. I noticed that there is no band/strap inside the box.
    Is that common??

  5. ???fack iphone 11 pro max ???‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?

  6. this watch has as much storage as my phone 🙁

  7. Just buy series 5 yesterday thanks ????

  8. I was having to upgrade my Fitbit Versa in 2021, to the new Apple Watch Series 7 when that comes out

  9. No one cares that u keep saying u got a sirs five no one cares bitch ass nigga

  10. It’s really expensive but it’s so nice

  11. By sending you a limited edition band they are paying you to advertise their products!

  12. Ima get the series 5 for my birthday!!!!
    34 days left.

    Let’s do a count down. Edit: 19 days left tomorrow is 18!!!! Edit: 15more days!!!!!

  13. Does it connect to iPad

  14. 0:41 What’s LTE? Seriously, I don’t know but would like to.

  15. Is there a way to set it up without iPhone ? Because I bought one

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  18. Currently Rocking an iPhone 11 pro max midnight green 512 gigs, the apple airpods pro & the space grey apple watch series 5

  19. That’s not alligator, that’s stingray

  20. What is the name of th band at 5:44 please?

  21. All I heard: Exactly the same…..Exactly the same……Exactly the SAME!!!

  22. I’m jealous I want an apple watch

  23. my iPhone 6 is updated 12.4.4 but when try to pair I watch series 5 update your phone coming . What’s the solution?

  24. People buy this ?

  25. Just newly watching your vid about apple watch… wishing one for my upcoming birthday. Thank you for considering this message…??

  26. Thanks Brandon. Got my 1st AW5 today & this video was extremely helpful. ???

  27. Good vid I’m about to upgrade my Apple Watch I currently have the series 1 and I’m updating to a series 5 my only ? Is if I update the new watch to as new would my back up be on the new watch or do I have to backup from previous watch? From settings Thanks man. From Aaron.

  28. When is new Apple watch coming out

  29. Man, why your voice go up at the end of a sentence?? So annoying.

  30. Hi tone at the end of almost every sentence made me want to come find you and kick you straight in the ?

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