Here’s my unboxing of the new Apple Watch Series 5 in Space Grey Aluminum. Big thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring today’s episode. Go to to get a free trial and 10% off your first purchase

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  1. Series 5 makes a BIG update with the always on Display but other than that, we see the same design as Series 4. It's not worth the upgrade if you already have Series 4 IMO, but the best option if you are just getting into the Apple Watch space. Unfortunately they discontinued Series 4, so you could get that used/Kijiji or they have the cheaper Series 3!

    PS. Hope you enjoyed the Macro shots of some of my own personal collection!

  2. Damn, a Patek. My attention went down the drain after seeing that.

  3. I am a patek lover, but simply Apple Watch series 4 got me into..

  4. Omg you're flaunting an entry level Patek in an Apple Watch video. LOL.

  5. Can someone please explain to me why it’s not called the “iWatch”?

  6. The reason I never like buying stainless steel phones and stuff is because it's really slippery

  7. Is the colour of the Loop ''Alaskan Blue'' by Apple?


  9. i have a question, the apple watch series 5/4 can fit the apple watch series 3/2/1 bands???? because i really loved the series 3 woven nylon bands and would love to use one on my series 5 :,(((

  10. He is aware that the 4 is phased out right?

  11. I’m getting this exact one for Christmas 🙂 ??⌚️ #applewatch

  12. Where did u buy your hoodie tho?!

  13. does it leave marks easily on the aluminum space gray ??

  14. Analog have different space and smartwatch have different space, but one thing that analog watches can’t do is save life’s which Apple Watch does and it’s technology era all digital.

  15. may i know what hoodie you're wearing? I want to buy it
    Thank you

  16. Can it be paired with android

  17. Upgraded from a series two
    It’s totally amazing

  18. before making any macros you should clean really well the watch

  19. I am planning to grab series 5 Nike edition , I love Nike , everywhere ?

  20. Mills means millilitres not millimeters

  21. ive never had an apple watch but my first one is going to be the series 5

  22. So fresh the you represent! Amazing man!

  23. The unboxing is my fav part of the videos ?

  24. Looks so clean cut!! I love Apple.???

  25. Apple season hahha love that???

  26. I'm just too poor for apple products haha ????
    I just love watching your tech reviews.?

  27. They look so nice!! I love that they are always on so you don’t have to constantly move your wrist!! I wish the price was cheaper so
    I could afford one tho!

  28. I need an apple watch…just cant afford it?

  29. Wow, looks great!

  30. I really wouldn’t be able to respect anyone that has an iPhone 11 pro with an aluminum apple watch series 5 when it should be stainless steel or better

  31. Hello there , May I know the model of your omega watch ?

  32. i have the Black Hermes one and is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  33. I have had iPhones in the past but this will be my first Apple Watch….I am super excited!

  34. I want to buy a Apple Watch either s4 or s5 in 44mm. Is it worth getting the s5 over the s4?

  35. I swear to God i'm not lying
    I came for the iPhone 7 or 7 plus giveaway and stayed on the channel since then Amazing Quality!! Keep the good work
    Btw the iPhone 7 giveaway is a couple years old

  36. To be honest I'm quite disgusted Karl. I have been a fan for so long and you rig your giveaways. I'm unsubscribing

  37. a beautiful design

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