Apple Watch Series 5 is here and NEW 2019 Apple Watch bands! Here’s my unboxing and first look! Subscribe for the full review!
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  1. Which watch band is your fav? ? also don't forget to watch my iPhone 11 Unboxing and GIVEAWAY! –

  2. I got my Stainless Steel Series 5 44mm last week & im loving it ! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I just have to say it… You are so pretty.

  4. I’m going to get me an apple watch

  5. What should I gift my girlfriend the 40 mm or 44

  6. I’ve been subscribed to you but it says I’m not… what?

  7. Just got mine today!

  8. I love your voice. Great video!!

  9. I got my I phone 11 pro and I have ordered my apple watch 5 since I never actually used any apple watch

  10. We’re is the green watch ☹️

  11. Why do you have all these Apple phones , bands and watches

  12. i have a question, the apple watch series 5/4 can fit the apple watch series 3/2/1 bands???? because i really loved the series 3 woven nylon bands and would love to use one on my series 5 :,(((

  13. How did you series 4 stainless steel hold up to scratches?

  14. how big is your 40 mm or 44 am from brazil

  15. I just got the ceramic 44mm i love it so much but hate i paid all that money was considering sending it back but too in love with it!!!

  16. The yellow watch band is my favorite


  18. Hey I love your videos and I love doing this

    ?   Cheer up   ?
    ?    For you    ?



    ?          ?          ?
    ?          ?          
    ????          ?
    ?          ?          ?
    ?          ?          ?


    ??❤          ???
    ???          ???
    ???          ???
    ??❤          ???


    ?Good morning! ?

    ✉   What's up?   ✉

    I love doing these they're so much fun and I would like to win something but love you all and have a good day

  19. halloween special video please . i have been writing since last halloween to make one halloween special video. plz make one . reply when u read

  20. I have the series 5 white ceramic it is Beautiful I want to go get my iPhone 11 Pro Max and saw it

  21. NICE!!!!!! I looks so cool! I want the iphone 11 purple I really want to win one. I said why in the other vid. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR VIDS

  22. I want iPhone 11 please and.I want red???☺️

  23. sports band or custom made leather bands always best.. my dream iphone?? always since a decade.. hope my dream xome truw by yr giveaway?‍♂

  24. I ? that pink!✨✌?

  25. Very good ! Greetings from Italy.Bye

  26. How are you liking the series 5?

  27. This video made me feel so tense with how violent you were with all of the products. ?

  28. Thanks for the video. Your bracelet is super cute can I ask where you got that from? it goes really well with the color of the watch and I have been looking for a bracelet that goes well with the stainless steel gold watch.

  29. Come on be gentle … It was hurting me when u jerked the whole box ….. Be slow and smooth

  30. Always wanted one and know that the prices have lowered for the others ??‍♀️ MIGHT get one

  31. I love the yellow band ????

  32. That blue band is everything

  33. Teal iPhone and a grey band would be so cute

  34. Those sport loops look great on the series 5, I really like that gold stainless steel your wearing.

  35. What size is it ? 40mm or 44mm?

  36. I really like them after this video
    You are doing a great job reviewing things

  37. whenever I start watching apple related vids, I cant stop

  38. Hiii I’m also here for the iPhone 11 giveaway? I currently have the iPhone 6s and I most definitely need an upgrade?? the lavender color is my favvvv????

  39. Heyy !!! I love your videos sm ? keep up the good work?

  40. where did you get the neon lights from

  41. i love the yellow one. it’s just such a nice shade of yellow which is my favorite color. love the videos, keep it up ?

  42. Yellow looks so good ?????

  43. Black band all the way❤️

  44. I don’t even like Apple Watch but yet I still watched the whole vid ?❤️

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