We compare the $200 Fitbit Versa 2 against the $400 Apple Watch S5 and outline the major differences.



Camera we use is Panasonic Lumix GH4
Main lens is Olympus 25mm f/1.8
Sound Recorder we use is Zoom H6

Our top Android phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

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  1. Which one would you go for: Apple Watch or Fitbit?

  2. Fitbit Versa 2 is a great watch you forgot amazon

  3. Did you live in Varna-Bulgaria

  4. i would go for fitbit

  5. Tested both. Versa 2 for the win. Love the bigger display, activity tracking and app. Apple is for techies who think they are cool. I own all other Apple products but the watch is redundant.

  6. There was a lot of back and forth for me on this choice and I ended up going with the Versa 2. The bottom line for me was battery life. If apple could make a watch that is as beautiful as the 5 but also lasts 4-5 days on a charge, I'm there. Until then, I'll stick with Fitbit. The other factor is ROI. You can purchase three Versa 2's for the price of one Apple Watch 5 with GPS/Phone, and thats assuming you dont spring for Titanium or the ridiculously-priced ceramic. Its seeming to me that the Apple Watch has become more of a status symbol than a practical device.

  7. ECG ios not available in Australia, so that can be struck off the list.

  8. The Apple Watch looks huge on her wrist. A better comparison would have been the Versa 2 vs the Series 3, as booth cost the same.

  9. I would definitely buy the Apple Watch, if only it tracked sleep and had a longer battery life. Those are my favorite aspects when it comes to using a Fitbit

  10. you cant sleep with any of them because the battery is garbage

  11. I’m seriously considering purchasing the series 5 from Verizon thanks for this video

  12. Fitbit hands down

  13. I love her accent ?

  14. Fitbit bezel looks chunkier for sure but aesthetically apple is clear winner except battery life.

  15. Shes so pretty. Her hands are so pretty lol

  16. Following the latest fitbit os update u can save 5 watch faces into the watch so it doesnt have to take ages to upload a new one. As for the Apple watch the one day battery life is a deal braker for me.

  17. she should start her own channel.

  18. WTF? Why did you so casually slide in "sleep tracking hasn't made it's way to the Apple Watch" ? First of all that's completely false. There's at least 10 great apps for sleep tracking. Second, even if it was true, that's a pretty big point to spend only 2 seconds on out of your 4 minute video….

  19. Tested both before deciding. Its a no contest. If you have the money buy the Series 5. The Versa should be compared to the Series 3. Even then the 3 is the clear winner.

  20. Very vague review, and clearly biased

  21. The Fitbit Versa as a gift wins the cybermonday deals! Who need Crappy apple!
    Great selection under $30 on metal bands (on amazon) so you can wear it with a dress and not look like a fitness freak! Like Rosegold or Bling one's are nice!
    Her Requirements:
    – Does not need new phone, check,( her Samsung 9 works great still)
    – Must look nice. See comment about multi faces and sweet bands on amazon! no rubber bs

    – No time to charge it everyday 4+ days! . Wins hands down,
    – Call Display? Check
    – SMS notification? Check
    – Sports Watch: Check all functions work great

    Conclusion: Apple iWatch is a expensive computer! Why buy one when you have a smartphone in you pockets for games? What are we 12 that we need to play apps on watches now?

    Great honest review !!

  22. I don't understand that you're comparing smartwatch to a Fitbit there completely different things
    The fit bit is clearly a fitness tracker and a smartwatch is used for totally different purpose

  23. Im on Android so all the way versa

  24. does the versa 2 play youtube videos or facebook video?

  25. Versa looks better

  26. Versa2 is a toy

  27. you can apply any picture as watch face why will you say that Apple watch has not much of a choice?

  28. I'm on Android, the clear choice for me is the Fitbit Versa 2. I'm super hopeful that Google will add the on device Google Assistant to the next iteration of the Versa and perhaps some new health and fitness tracking options: ekg and blood pressure.

  29. You’re as beautiful as your review. Thanks for the upload.

  30. Lilly sei molto carina! Complimenti

  31. I don’t know why everyone says the Apple Watch is the winner. It suck at activity tracking

  32. Apple watch is #1

  33. Lilllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I had to do it, I mean looook at that beauty!

  34. I love Apple Watch ⌚️

  35. which is better for activity tracking? the most accurate one? i have the Apple Watch and i like it that you choose a workout before starting one, does the fitbit do that? also does the fitbit calculate active calories burned or only total calories? i'm having some issues with my apple watch that's why i was wondering if the fitbit is better since i only use it for activity tracking

  36. I have zero interest in those smartwatches.
    Watching video… ?

  37. Apple Watch for the win!!

  38. Yay.She pronounces Aluminium properly.

  39. Such a cute voice you got❤

  40. You're new! Welcome to the PhoneArena family. Keep it up?

  41. I'm just here for the gorgeous girl ???

  42. awesome watch I wish I could have one!!!

  43. Will be interesting to see if Fitbit devices will be refined some, if at all, since Google has purchased them.

  44. Damn. Not gonna say it because everyone else already is… Great review though !

  45. Wow. Lily you are a queen. Sexy accent too ?

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