The new Apple Watch starts at $400 and has a lot of health and fitness tracking features, as well as tight integration with the iPhone. But the Fitbit Versa 2 works on iOS and Android and costs $200 less. I compare these smartwatches on everything from battery life to the always-on display, plus talk about how they track exercise and sleep.

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  1. Such a good review! Idk why you have a lot of dislikes on this video but out of all the videos ive seen related to this topic, this was the most helpful thank you!

  2. Cooles Video, ich habe dir etwas nachgemacht und auf meinem Kanal auch ein Review und Unboxing zu der Uhr gemacht.

  3. Ick. Fitbit definitely has a leg and torso and head up on Apple when comparing the UI! Look at that unorganized mess of random icons. Just like the phones. Dump everything on the desktop and good luck finding what you want. And wow, that crappy battery life.

  4. i dont think comparision is fair it should be fitbit vs galaxy watch ….since apple watch is useless for android users !

  5. Fff Fitbit fam for ever

  6. 00:40 You See the pillows in the background which protect the smartphone. ?

  7. I’ve had the Apple Watch 5 for 4 months. I miss my Fitbit charge 2

  8. I can't give two thumbs up …. Google's not allowing me to ….. wrotten Google …..

  9. thanks I'm 65 and concerned about my sleep. made a choice…

  10. I hate this watch but 3 minutes ago I used to be obsessed like it is not going to pair to my phone and I bought it

  11. I had a Fitbit Blaze and loved it, until the battery finally was no longer rechargeable. I thought, no problem, I will have a new battery put in. NOPE! You cannot replace the battery. Basically a disposable watch at that point. So I paid $150.00 for a watch that only lasted me 1.5 years! Has there been a change that now allows the Versa and Apple batteries both be replaced once they finally die out?

  12. I have a Apple Watch series 3 I like it I bought it like a month ago

  13. I have a crush on this lady?

  14. I never leave the house without my phone anyway and you should either. White women like to fall when they run and you might need to call for help.

  15. FitBit works good for a year, after that it will give you a hard time to sync and update for bug fixes.

  16. come on…apple is the winner overall….you need pay more for quality

  17. wait, so, you cant just control the spotify thats on your phone from the fitbit? I'm not looking to store music on it I just want to be able to control the music without having to pull my phone out of my pocket. PLS REPY

  18. What color is your Fitbit?

  19. But (Buy*) a series 3 Apple Watch. They cut the price down to $200 for the standard version and it’s far better than some lame Fitbit

  20. You can respond to messages if you use a app like whats app?????

  21. Fitbit Versa 2 it is.

  22. The main difference tho is the price difference

  23. 5 minutes too long

  24. I am laughing way to much over the fact when she threw her Android onto a pile of cushions.

  25. Wait what does she mean when she says that you need your phone with you to do a workout?

  26. I loved my Versa 2 until the face of the watch popped off in less than a month. Not sure what to get now. Anyone else have this experience?

  27. Why not to say that Versa 2 has SpO2 sensor, which allows tracking breath and, as a result, not only calculate sleep score, but detect and track sleep stages. Sleep tracking is very important feature — even for those who don't think about it.

  28. I want the Apple Watch and my boyfriend just ordered me the Fitbit I believe off of Fingerhut. I should get it by the 10th so if I don’t like it I’m gonna return it and hopefully be able to get the Apple Watch. I hate that it costs so much

  29. Apple
    Seems easily to use but the fit is better and a lot more cheaper

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