The new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is now here and it works with both iPhones and Android phones, and it offers most of the features of the Apple Watch Series 5 for a $100 less, but there is more nuance than that. To find out all about these watches, we compare the two in terms of design, ease of use, battery life, health and fitness tracking, and – of course – price.

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  1. Your pun game is fire!! Lol

  2. Probably the worst review I've ever encountered ?

  3. What on earth is the point of this video when you cannot pair an apple watch with an android phone?! I didn't even watch it. Phones come first not watches. You have to compare apple with apples….. eggs with eggs….. duh. Epic fail

  4. Woah, I wasn't expecting a 5 minute video to cover so many things

  5. Facer. App has thousands of customizable watch faces plus you can make your own!

  6. we're not gonna mention the fact that the active 2 uses the 20mm watch band standard so third party watch bands work

  7. Awful host. Awful review

  8. U’ll see us next time..! But i wanna see u all the time lilly

  9. that New York Italian accent

  10. Compare it with the Samsung galaxy active 2 LTE version you will know….. samsung is just like Iron Man and apple always thanos..???? comes with full perfomance and goes with worst experience….???

  11. Just another apple fan girl…

  12. she looks like a ladyboy

  13. Android is for the poor and Apple is for the elite.

  14. This really seems biased towards the apple watch. I have the active 2 and the series 4. I have used both significantly as daily drivers. They are both excellent. There are things one is good at, that the other isnt… and so on, so forth. At the end of the day, they both work great and get the job done. The points she made in this video are really opinion based, rather than a direct comparison. I'll be sure to stay away from this channel. ?‍♂️

  15. What a crap video all biased

  16. Almost every review I've seen says the exact opposite when it comes to watch face choices…Samsung has a ridiculously larger range of choices. Not sure where you got that info…but I suppose I could me mistaken…Also, I have plenty of watch complications to choose from within the Samsung choices available…I think you need to do a smidge more research before making those claims. There can be advantages of downloading an app directly from your watch, but having had this with Wear OS I genuinely hate it. I love seeing more from my phone screen–but this is purely a personal preference. Also, yes iOS has more apps for their watch…and I used to think this was a big issue…til I tried using some of them on my watch and realized, it sucks because the screen is just too damned small to get a lot of genuine use from…but to each his own, right? I also think making the blanket statement that apple apps look better is not automatic. I think the Samsung apps (the few there are) look every bit as good running on Tizen as the apple apps do. Try not to make it a "fact" when its just your opinion. Just a thought. I also 100% agree that Bixby is almost a joke by comparison. Even though I've hated ALL the Wear OS watches I've had (6 models so far at last count) at least they had Google Assistant which was pretty accurate…but Bixby? Kind of embarrassing by comparison.

  17. She's speaking clearly but is hard to understand or follow. Kind of uncomfortable listening to her speak. Her pauses are random and not end of a sentence. Sortof seems like shes mumbling also. Idk. It was a to listen.

  18. She would be an awesome addition in Porn Industry ,but not as a Tech reviewer

  19. Instill think the apple watch has more better features tho and you didn’t review the whole thing and features ext

  20. I am no stranger to using smart watches that are not Apple Watch with my iPhone. I have the Samsung gear S3 watch and I have the Motorola Moto 360 and Moto 360 2 watches. I want to say that despite the way the Apple cripples these watches, It’s not too bad using them with an iPhone. You still get notifications from your applications and you can still read your text messages on the watch and with the Samsung watch, you can still answer phone calls. Motorola doesn’t put a speaker in their smart watches so you can’t answer phone calls. Of coarse you don’t get the integrated health features with the iPhone but they are built into the watch so each watch itself will record your activity. You can’t reply to text messages but it’s not great and dictation isn’t always the best on the watch that you’re using anyways. Even on the Apple Watch dictation is not great and scribble just takes longer than pulling out your phone. Have used the Motorola 360 watch is with android phones in the past and I’ve used Samsung smart watches with android phones in the past and they have worked really good for me. I will say that I currently use an Apple Watch series for with my iPhone every day. It is without a doubt the best integrated smart watch with any smart phone available. Samsung phone and a Samsung smart watch is second best when it comes to pairing a smart watch with a compatible phone for the maximum amount of features. It still does not compare to the seamless connection between an Apple Watch and an iPhone. I think the Apple Watch even has a more aesthetically pleasing operating system and user interface. I even think that the original modular watch face on the Apple Watch is the best watch face of any smart watch because I can set it up with the date and time at the top and the weather in the middle and phone calls texting and weather on the bottom. Right now I get a little cloud icon on the bottom right corner in the middle of the watch it says 38° cloudy high 52° low of 32° and of course it says the city also. With any other smart watch that is not an Apple Watch I always have an incredibly difficult time finding which watch face I want to use. I do have my preferred watch face set on my Samsung watch but it did take me a long time to find it in the watch face store. Apple Watch has a lot of app support and I won’t even say that my motor 360 with android were also has a lot of app support. Samsung however, is lacking in the support when it comes to applications on the watch. I would say that the health and activity features on each watch is pretty on par with one another but Samsung and Apple do you have very modern app features which are going to be more accurate and pretty much every smart watch has a heart rate monitor but Apple has the ECG on the Apple Watch. The Motorola 360 is kind of a weird watch because it’s not meant to be a companion for Motorola smart phones specifically but rather all android phones as a whole. The original Samsung gear S was only compatible with Samsung S phones and then later on Samsung made it compatible with all android phones and now all Samsung watches are compatible with all android phones and even the iPhone. Motorola Moto 360 can even be paired with iPhone but those two watches are very highly recommended to not be used with iPhone. It’s also completely impossible to pair Apple Watch with an android phone. There’s no third-party app and there’s no independent developer that just happen to find a way or make an app with android phone. There is an extremely extensive and expensive workaround so that you can wear your Apple Watch and use an android phone as a daily driver but even then you still have to own an iPhone. It’s no competition which smart watch is the best because everyone knows that Apple Watch is without a doubt the best smart watch you can have because of how seamlessly it connects in pairs with the iPhone. It’s easy to know which smart watch to yet because there’s only one that will seamlessly pair with your iPhone and that is Apple Watch. If you have an android phone there’s more than 30 different current smart watches that you could use to pair with your android phone. There’s rugged smart watches like Garman and diesel and Samsung frontier but Samsung also makes the gear S3 classic and Motorola makes the Moto 360 and Motorola even licensed in the Moto 360 to a new company that is making a brand new Moto 360 watch in 2020. You could also get a pebble watch or a fossil watch and you can even get one of those cheap $15 Chinese smart watches they aren’t very good but are more or less just an overly glorified digital watch that now requires you to push a button if you want to look at the time because those cheap ass watches don’t has raise to look. There’s also the higher end Chinese knock off watches that actually pretty nice in design but are more or less the same as the $15 cheap ass smart watch and what’s crazy is that if you can get it to work you can use a Sim card with these cheap ass Chinese smart watches but again I don’t recommend it. If you’re going to get a smart watch I definitely suggest you go with a name brand. If you’re going to get a quality smart watch I recommend going with Moto 360 or Samsung or Garman or pebble or fossil or if you have a iPhone then get an Apple Watch. Trust me when I say always go with a name brand smart watch because I’ve used some of these cheap ass Chinese smart watches.

  21. apple fan girl. lol

  22. Can I use apple watches even if I don't have apple devices?

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