We’ve got a latest report from Ming Chi Kuo that confirms us the Apple Watch Series 5! He reports that the next generation of Apple Watch will come in titanium and in ceramic. So here is everything you need to know rumors, confirmations and leaks about Apple’s upcoming smartwatch which will be released September 10th with watchOS 6!

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  1. I have the series 4,40 mm so i don’t need a new one,mine works just fine :))

  2. I'll wait till another year to upgrade my series 3. There's still nothing impressive enough to make me upgrade.

  3. Well, I think I have a crush on you

  4. I Think series 1 is gud ?

  5. Will the price of 4 drop when 5 comes out?

  6. I need Apple Watch to replace garmin for running, it’s failing so hard…have to charge everyday and the heart rate monitor fails badly never shows up on strava

  7. So fkn excited getting mines tmr

  8. Being an apple fan I had the series 3 for two months & got really pissed off with it. I now have a Garmin Fenix 5s+ with a weeks worth of battery plus sleep tracking and after market bands without any gimmick crap. love apple UI but products are very uninspiring & WAAAAYYYYY over priced. Lets see what the new higher price points are all about next month with same old hype & minor upgrades ?

  9. Should I wait till sept 10 or just buy an Apple Watch s4 now? PLS

  10. I think it’s finaly time to upgread my Apple Watch (1st gen to series 5)

  11. I am awaiting series 5 in order to buy my first apple watch

  12. Ceramic body, huh. It would be amusing to she chipped and fractured cases. Ti is a big whoop de doo. I will wait for the VI and stick with my III for now. I still have my 0, it does need a battery replacement.

  13. Hey Nikias.
    Do you have to have iOS 13 for the Apple Watch Series 5?

  14. talk, explain and make videos – but please don't show your face

  15. how old is he, he really young .

  16. The fuck is wrong with you're face/voice my god if you were a dog I'd put you the fuck down ?

  17. Please let the series 5 be Qi compatible ??

  18. No new phone this year. That iPhone is horrible.

  19. Went from series 0 to 4 last year I really don’t see a reason to upgrade this year or maybe even next year

  20. Yeah I will be able to buy the series 4 becarse it will be cheaper

  21. I would rather purchase a series 4 gold aluminum 44mm

  22. Why did you changed the name of the channel? Apple World is better than this!

  23. Should I get series 4 or wait for series 5

  24. Hechale ganitas, no has crecido nada.

  25. bro… i just got a series 4 today is it really worth returning and waiting for the series 5?

  26. Mais c’est le frère de anonimal !

  27. Yeah the new watch selling point will be a $999 stand that you have to purchase separately

  28. I love ur strap awesome combination of gold & white

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