Apple Watch Series 6 – OFFICIAL REPORT, Insane News!!

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Samsung Galaxy…

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  1. Nossa que MENTIRA

  2. Hackfast007 on iG is the best hacker he just unlook my iwatch so easy and fast he's legitv

  3. Looks exactly the same as the 4 and 5.

  4. I’m looking for new competition on my Apple watch

  5. Ok it's cool video

    Apple: I need ideas for watch help Me Miror pro
    Miror pro: Ok, like this video

  6. Sleep tracking is just an update in the software. It's not something that needs some type of hardware. Just needs more battery so that your watch won't die.

  7. I never buy a new watch from Apple because it’s very small and it’s hard to read I hope they make 50 mm

  8. Neighborhood and chiefs

  9. The Apple Watch on the thumbnail looks ugly

  10. Apple: Okay, We need a new idea. Oh I have an idea, How about another Apple watch.

    Google pixel: Let's steal the idea.

  11. We need 50 mm apple watch ??

  12. Well that was uninformative and pointless.

  13. 0:52 bấm dừng ra apple watch 4

  14. No real substance for consumer whatsoever

  15. It look like Samsung Gear S.

  16. Yeah, that was helpful thanks ?✌

  17. My mother name is Asha

  18. Русские ответьте

  19. Good info. Thanks ?

  20. I’m going to wait for S6. I have the very first Apple Watch which is akin to S0, and I just know I’ll love S6 since it’ll be heaps ahead of S0. Can’t wait.

  21. Só BR tendi foi nada

  22. If this is true … The real thing is better cellular tower connection as well . I’d upgrade because I have the 3 and the 5 doesn’t impress me . I didn’t get the 4 because I had just got the 3. So the 6 might be the upgrade I’ll get .

  23. Series 6 will be meh.

  24. This is a great quality video and it reflects great on your channel

  25. I want an Apple Watch hopefully I’ll get one ☺️

  26. Battery band in the strap

  27. I’m still on the 3. I was gonna upgrade to the 5 but think I will wait for this. Sounds awesome!!

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