Does the best cheap Apple Watch alternative only cost $80? The Amazfit Bip is a cheap smartwatch that gives the Apple Watch Series 4 a run for its money. I compare the Apple Watch with the Amazfit Bip on fitness and health tracking, getting notifications from your phone and how long the battery lasts.

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  1. Are you team Apple Watch or team Amazfit Bip?

  2. I hate mi band 3 I wish I got Amazfit

  3. Has anyone here tried the amazefip vs honor band?

  4. I've had an Apple Watch and I would never buy one again. The watch's face fell off when it was under warranty, but according to Apple I 'abused' the watch because of small superficial scratches from when I was mountain climbing (it is an activity watch after all?). The face did not fall off while I was doing an activity, it came off while I was sleeping. The first time it cost me SAR4,500 ($290) to repair. Then the face fell off while I was shopping and I luckily caught it, this time it was still under warranty. Then a few months later it fell off again and it was going to cost me SAR2,900 ($185). I told them to throw it away, it is clearly a money pit and it is clear that Apple's enormous profit is from not taking responsibility for design flaws and manufacturing mistakes.

  5. Why is the Amazfit so dark compared to Apple Watch

  6. I forgot watching the watch cos i just couldn’t stop watching the watch reviewer ?

  7. Nice presentation, informative intrigued & humourous too ?

  8. I want to add my 2 cents to this conversation. Let's get one thing out of the way right away. The BIP is NOT an Apple Watch. The feature set and the build and virtually everything else about the BIP is a far cry from the Apple Watch. Lexy does an amazing job in this video. She is a riot and is very knowledgeable on the subject. The Bip has two main things going for it. They are PRICE and BATTERY! If you do not want to spend the money on an Apple Watch (and I don't blame you) and you want some very basic features and you do not care about the looks. The Bip is a great product. The Bip is also so incredibly light, you do not even know that you are wearing it! I find myself giving my Bip more wrist time than my series 5 Apple Watch.

    I don't need anymore connection to my smartphone than I already have. The Bip tracks my steps, tracks my short and painful attempts at running and I don't have to worry about charging it daily or even weekly. I can get the weather if I want and that is about it.

    If you can't afford or don't want to afford the Apple Watch don't think that is a cheaper alternative. They have very little in common and you will be disappointed if that is your goal. Get the Bip for the battery and price and just enjoy the minimalistic design and ease of use. Get the Apple Watch if you have the money and want to be FULLY connected to your iphone. There is definitely a place for both watches, it just depends on your own personal wants and means! Keep up the great work Lexy!!!

  9. That's some mind-blowing acting!!!! Surely deserves an Oscar….

  10. Does amazfit have an app store???

  11. Great review! I have the Amazfit. Love it!

  12. Too funny, all these guys pretending to comment on the review but in reality its the reviewer that interest them. Lol

  13. I have an Amazefit Bip and the heart monitor has NEVER worked! Not even for a second!

  14. Why does apple just get apple and dont have to share but us android users have to share our watches with them ?

  15. Very much convincing presentation! My choice is amazfit bip.

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