At $200, the new Fitbit Versa smartwatch is taking aim at the entry-level Apple Watch. And like Apple Watch, the Fitbit Versa has a lot of health and fitness-tracking features. But how does it really stack up? Senior Editor Lauren Goode compares the two in the season finale of Versus. Subscribe:

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  1. When an Apple user is put in their place. lol

  2. She kills this, even after knowing its the same person i still felt like i was watching twins. Did a great job at reviewing both watches also.

  3. I have iPhone and Fitbit versa

  4. My watch costs more than $500 and it doesn't have a battery in it. You can say apple makes expensive products. This isn't one.
    I still don't want it. I never have to charge my watch. I don't want to.

  5. 2 gorgeous ladies

  6. Can you do Fitbit versa 2 vs Apple Watch 3

  7. Lol the samsung active 2 is out so there’s LITERALLY no reason to get a fitbit now
    Apple watch for IOS
    Active 2 for Android

  8. Please do a review/verses on the Fitbit versa two versus Apple Watch Series 2. By the way Fitbit versa to definitely Wins lol

  9. I wanna be the 3rd twin and compete with a Samsung active 2 and talk smack. Lmao. Jk

  10. I would definitely get the Fitbit versa it’s cheaper than Apple Watch Series 1 for crying out loud it doesn’t want the same stuff and it has quick responses which I love and it has so much good third party/1st party apps . ⌚️?⌚️⌚️⌚️???

  11. Fitbit versa. The only thing it doesn’t do compared Apple Watch Series 1 is calendar, phone calling, texting that’s it and it’s half the price!!!⌚️?⌚️ + it has 4+ day battery life compared to Apple Watches 18+ hours battery ???? definitely Fitbit versa I love the verse I’m getting one????⌚️? and one more thing that it can work with any phone compared to Apple Watch you can only work with iPhone.

  12. wish they add subtitle 🙁

  13. Fitbit vs samsung watch?? Anyone??

  14. Apple Watch FTW

  15. Yes. The later apple watches track sleep

  16. I would like the apple whach but if it didn't use a iphone I would get it

  17. I have an Apple Watch series 4 and a Fitbit Versa. I like them both for different reasons.

    I enjoy the fitness app and interface on the Versa much better, as I find it easier to add my meals to it, among other things, and see whether I have overeaten or not, according to how many calories I have burned.
    I have noticed that the Fitbit tends to count steps if I move my arm up and down, so that’s not too good, but I think calories are tracked according to heart rate, so that’s good.

    I do enjoy getting my whatsapp notifications on the Apple Watch and being able to reply directly from my watch.
    I also love having my Apple calendar synced to my watch, so I can keep track of my appointments by just looking at my wrist. I need to find a way to make the Fitbit do that as well, if it’s possible.

    These last few days I have felt the need to track my calories more closely than usual ?, so I think I’ll switch to the Fitbit Versa for a few days, maybe weeks. I do need to add some apps to it, though, and I hope it works well.

  18. What is windows phone

  19. None both are lady's watches.

  20. Im team fitbit

  21. Like if u use an apple watch

  22. Where are my fitbit users?

  23. I have had an Apple Watch and I am currently wearing a Fitbit Versa. I will say that Fitbit is better (my opinion)

  24. WAIT WHAT .. THEY .. i mean shes gone ??? nooooooooooooo

  25. I really like this video; a very smart way to make a comparison.

  26. LOVE THIS!.Really creative!!

  27. Please bring back versus video's

  28. I just wanted information, not to watch a video of someone argue with themselves lmao

  29. I’ll stick with my Fitbit Versa rather than “just” paying for a name brand of the same thing (lookin’ at you Apple)

  30. Apple Watch ⌚️ Duhhh

  31. Samsung Galaxy watch

  32. Just asking does she have a twin or is the one edited in the video?

  33. Wait so on a Fitbit versa you can’t respond to texts??

  34. Is this sponsored by apple or Fitbit ?? also FITBIT FOREVER

  35. Anyone else have a fitbit versa and people keep thinking it’s an apple watch ?

  36. I would still go with apple. I love anything apple.

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