Which smartwatch is right for you? We compare the latest from Apple and Fitbit to see how they perform as fitness trackers.
Read about the comparison on CNET:

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  1. Read about the comparison on CNET: https://cnet.co/2HQ3oJc

  2. I got the Fitbit as a gift this year and it looks different than the one in the video, it doesn’t have 3 buttons on it anymore, I like my Fitbit, I never had an Apple Watch

  3. I’m getting an Apple Watch next week!!? I’m so excited!!!

  4. Like = fit bit

    Reply = Apple Watch

  5. I have the Apple Watch Series 3 I bought it 3 weeks ago

    Fitbit sucks.

  6. Well I have a Fitbit charge 2 and Apple Watch

  7. If you have an iPad and no phone, then Fitbit is the watch to choose. The Apple Watch requires the Apple Watch app, which is limited to ONLY iPHONES, but Fitbit is way better. It’s design is stunning, it has an app that is for iPad AND iPhone, and it’s honestly better. The apps are limited, but it is still a better choice to choose. Apple made a big mistake by making the Apple Watch app limited to iPhone, because iPad users are gonna buy the Fitbit Versa instead of the  watch. Fitbit Versa is honestly better than the Apple Watch in my opinion, as it’s app is on iPad AND iPhone.

  8. I Prefer Apple watch

  9. I've had to replace my versa 3 times… Get a Versa 2…

  10. Did anyone else notice that she put the apple watch band backwards.

  11. When apple realizes they are getting beat: Hello my name is fish i would like to introduce the apple watch Xr s high 3g color limited lite

    Fitbit: Hi my name is fish and i would to introduce the Fitbit Bersa 2

  12. the fitbit is so much more better… i'd recommend this %100 precent to someone.

  13. As an Apple fanboy, it hurts me to say I must break ranks when it comes to the smart watch. My main issue is battery life and the Fitbit Versa blows Apple out of the water. I’m often away from home for days at a time and having a dead watch at the end of the day is a no go. Also, I love the many different watch faces available and customization options on the Versa.

  14. Fitbit and Apple Watch should partner up and have the Apple features and also have Fitbit features

  15. Apple Watch is better.

  16. I have Spotify on mine

  17. I’ll wait for a combadge

  18. I got the versa sorry Apple it was just the price and I’m more athletic part that sold me

  19. Apple is getting old good luck keeping up with the Jones's.And apple? is just not for me I ? android.If I want to talk or respond to messages I don't want a watch I will use my cell.

  20. I have my Apple Watch and never would give it up for a Versa.

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