Trying to decide between an Apple Watch or a Fitbit? In this video, I discuss the features I like about each as well as test both of their for data consistency between each other.

Fitbit Charge 3:
Fitbit Versa 2:
Fitbit Versa Lite:
Fitbit Flex 2:
Apple Watch 5:
Apple Watch 3:
Fitbit Versa Bands:…

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  1. fitbit charge 3 , there's a lot of issues about this product.. before buying this one… try to join their forum and read some of the posted issues that dated 2018 until now still exists. Fitbit doesn't have the plan to fix their product my recommendation DONT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS until issues are fixed.

  2. Oh shit! Didn't think you'd listen to ABR, very nice sir ?

  3. For sleep tracking what app do you use

  4. I have now Apple Watch 5 .. in addition to Oura and Fitbit for sleep

  5. Fitbit is cheaper, but also has great functionality. All necessary options are there. Besides, as now a lot of people buy new S10 and Note 10 models, Fitbit is a great choice for them. I think, if you have Samsung phone, you need to buy all Samsung accessorizes, if you have iPhone, you need to buy Apple Watch, earbuds and so on.

  6. If you're charging your Applevwatch every night, that's a pain especially when you want the sleep tracking..Yeah , hopefully you can get it charged before bed, but what a pain. Fitbit all the way.

  7. Versa doesn't have GPS built in.. Only fitbit ionic

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