Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – 6 Months ago I bought Apple’s lowest cost iPads for my two kids. In this video I talk about the cases I chose, the apps the kids are using, pen options and more! See related videos: and subscribe!

01:20 – Case Choice
04:01 – Storage Constraints
06:28 – Family iCloud Plan
07:32 – Apple Pencil Options, Procreate Drawing App and ProDoodle
10:08 – Gaming
11:38 – Coding Apps
12:47 -…

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  1. Great review. Thanks Lon. We experienced the same thing on storage, you never regret buying too much memory for tablets.

  2. Great job can you please do a follow up

  3. I have the gen 6 ipad when it was first released. still use it today for youtube, surfing and games. those three things run great. still receiving software support from apple so that's a positive. It'll probably go bad after 2021.

  4. What about using an lightning to usb OTG cable in order to use flash media options for storage like on Android? And ever about using free services like Degoo or PCloud for extra cloud storage?? Will they work with iDevices?!!

  5. Excellent DadProTip review 😉

  6. I use supcase on all my phones and have never had a broken screen or phone… awesome cases! I used to use OtterBox as well after these cases though, I have switched forever. Great follow up ?

  7. Awesome review!! And thanks for the case review I was looking for one and this helped!!

  8. A really expensive device for a child. I would've probably chosen the amazon tablet that is built for children

  9. I don't even have kids and i appreciate these follow-up videos of real-world usage and issues

  10. Lon: these stickers are not mine

    Viewers: uh huh

    It's ok Lon. It's almost 2020, don't gotta be ashamed.

  11. You sound like an awesome father. I appreciate all of your reviews but this one was extremely helpful

  12. Nice video. Your daughter forgot to put Scooby-doo stickers ?

  13. The Unicorn Beetle cases are amazing and less expensive than the Otter Box. I purchased Unicorn Beetle cases for my families iPhones and iPads. Thank you for the review.

  14. Thanks for the timely review Lon. I was just debating 32GB vs 128GB for my nephew. I splurged for the 128 based on your recommendation.

  15. I’ve been using Supcase for years and I prefer them over Otterbox, not just because of price. The only downside is the screen protector does get scratches easily over time.

  16. Lon, please adopt me!!! (((( I’m 32, so you can save some money on the case, cuz I don’t need one…

  17. I thought you can buy a box that will use wifi to store files

  18. You just had me spend $10 on Pro creat, THANK YOU lol. It is a great app

  19. STM dux case is also good.

  20. yup, using supcase on my Galaxy Tab and I like the built in screen protector. It is a bit of a pain to take it apart, but once its on, its on. Also check out the supcase unicorn beetle cases for phones. I demoed both UAG and Supcase and went with UAG, but the beetle is my 2nd choice.

  21. "these aren't my stickers". Ha

    Excellent review

  22. I have the black Supcase on my 10.5-inch iPad Pro. My only complaint is that the cover for the charging port is sort of worn out to the point where I have to insert it multiple times in order to reseal. For the price, I can hardly complain, though, especially given how much costlier (and apparently lousier) the Otterbox cases are.

  23. Affiliate link for stickers please 🙂

  24. I love your content and general thoroughness. You honestly deserve more subs/views. Hope you have a very merry christmas and that you get to a million subs by the end of next year. 🙂

  25. Great video. Very informative.

  26. You should look into getting a personal My Cloud from wb

  27. "These stickers are not mine"
    Oh gee thanks for clarifying that :b
    I wish I bought this iPad but instead I got the Samsung Tab A 2019 which sucks… Really a slow mess of a tablet.

  28. I was actually looking at buying two ipads for my kids today. Super handy thanks. (I will be sure to use you affiliate link when I purchase.)

  29. Most important accessory. Stickers! ?

  30. Clicked as soon as it notified.

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