This is a great budget tablet for digital drawing. It’s not a significant upgrade from iPad 6 so it’s not worth the upgrade.

Time stamps:
00:12 – Design, screen
02:19 – Battery life
04:57 – Drawing test
12:48 – Conclusion

Text review:

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  1. Time stamps:

    00:12 – Design, screen

    02:19 – Battery life

    04:57 – Drawing test

    12:48 – Conclusion

  2. hey, can i use this ipad for white board animation videos ? can i add audio to these animations?

  3. Does the drawing application come with the iPad or did you download a certain app and if so what app

  4. I wish I bring the Apple Pencil because I don’t have it I only have the iPad 7th generation colour gold 32GB WiFi only without also keyboard i don’t want the keyboard either

  5. can i ask you can i use pen from samsung galaxy note 3??

  6. Please make small review on ipad laminated screen vs ipad non-laminated screen !

  7. I was just curious, what apps do you use to draw on the ipad?

  8. How many layers can 10.2 iPad handle in medibang paint? Thinking about 128gb storage version.

  9. how many layers can use a4 size on procreate?

  10. U are an awesome drawer ‼?‍♂️ keep it up ..thanks.

  11. Is this a app of drawing or it’s just the iPad that has the option? I’ve never had a iPad before that’s why i’m asking

  12. Короче, я написал умный комментарий)

  13. How long do they last? Do they only last 2 years for tablet?

  14. How many hrz does the screen have?

  15. Is he using the apple pen 1 or 2? Please someone reply and tell me

  16. Thanks, this was really helpful. I was thinking of buying an iPad for both taking notes and drawing, and I was undecided between this model and the fifth generation iPad Mini, due to the differences between the size of the screen and the performance. Now I understand that this one is the best for me.

  17. I have never used an apple product untill now i just bought the iPad gen 7 because I cannot afford the pro or the others .. I'm having a great interest in making digital art a hobby of mine and your video helped me on making up my mind thank you very much ?

  18. Omg I’m buying this after 3 days QwQ
    Tysm for pinning

  19. Guys i just bought this ipad and the pen, but how do i see the pen battery level? I swipe the battery menu but ot doesn't show the pen level (only ipad)

  20. What app do you use for drawing?

  21. Please answer. Ipad 6 or 7?

  22. Okay, I am getting this Ipad.
    But is 32gb enough for drawing?

  23. I am a beginner artist …is it suitable for me?

  24. thanks forr your video now i'm sure that i want this ipad !
    (btw the way you coloured this drawing hit my ocd very hard lol)

  25. What drawing app are you using

  26. I bought my iPad 7 (128 gb) recently and I'm loving it. For now I use it to draw but in the future I will use it for college. Your videos helped me to decide which one to get. Thank you, I made the right decision 🙂

  27. Hey guys I'm getting my ipad 7 from dubai for 1350 dirham and pencil for 400 dirham which is 476 dollars in total for 128 gb variant. Im gonna need your help about this ipad because my sole purpose is for college and I want to be paperless so is it a good investment and is it worth it, I mean the apps that come along app store for eg goodnotes or notability. Just reply quick because I'm getting it in a week.

  28. Does anyone think this iPad is future proof?
    Because I want to buy it and keep it for at least the next 3 years and I am just concerned about it’s performance and the old chip.

  29. I'm planning to buy one this week. My first Apple device…excited ?

  30. İpad ini bana yollasana

  31. Hey this is awesome man!!

  32. Someone know iPad 7 support adobe photoshop?

  33. wich apple pencil do u use? im not sure wich one to choose, im buying ipad 7 so i need help ;/

  34. Hi I have small question, I want to buy ipad 10.2 inch (2019) and I don't know, if apple pencil will work on it or no, also I need to buy that apple pencil or no?

  35. Should I get ipad pro 9.7, 10.5 or this one?

  36. thanks for your sharing!

  37. Which drawing app is he using?

  38. You just drew Karen

  39. I am getting this for my birthday I am so excited but it's four months away??

  40. His art is unique I love it

  41. What application do you use to draw this?

  42. Can you rest your palm on the screen while drawing without it affecting your work? With my previous tablet, I couldn't and it's affecting my wrist. Thanks 🙂

  43. so, is this ipad enough for a font designer? I still confused for ipad pro 10.5 (second) or ipad 7 (new).

  44. It is good for animation?

  45. Thank you, your video is definitely useful!
    May I ask which gen of apple pencil that support on iPad 7th?
    Thank youu

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