Balancing work, family and friends was hard enough when you were single. Balancing work, family, friends, your spouse, and kids is next level hard. FUN TIMES! Oh and did I mention fitting in time for yourself? lol of course I didn’t, there’s no time for that nonsense. Mike and Pete get into it with the help of you guys (the best listeners on the internet…aww).

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  1. Here's my personal time. I'm using it, at 10:32am, on a Friday, with a half pint of Wild Turkey, to comment on 56 episodes of the Dad and Buried podcast. I've listened since episode three and always have thoughts, but never time to comment. Free time! HA! Long story, buty I've ended up with up to SIX (depending on the day) boys, from 4-15yo in my household. Couple time is 10pm-midnight to discuss FB memes, see how she's doing on Toon Blast, or discuss how many ways we are destroying our children. Rarely, we get a day alone, which defaults to an emotional issue we discuss, until whatever reservation we have planned for a meal, either of us could have cooked better. Then we come home, watch Netflix, and usually go to bed. Generally, we just don't have sex, unless there are children fighting, on the other side of our locked, bedroom door.

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