The TOP pick of accessories to get for your new apple watch.
linked products,

➡ Apple Watch Series 5 44mm ($15 Off)
➡ Series 5 Apple Watch 40mm ( $15 Off)
➡Apple Watch Series 3 42mm:
➡Apple Watch Series 3 38mm ($10 Off)

➡ Airpower Wireless Charging Pad:
➡Apple Watch Stand:
➡3 Style…

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  1. ➡ Apple Watch Series 5 44mm ($15 Off)
    ➡ Series 5 Apple Watch 40mm ( $15 Off)
    ➡Apple Watch Series 3 42mm:
    ➡Apple Watch Series 3 38mm ($10 Off)

    ➡ Airpower Wireless Charging Pad:
    ➡Apple Watch Stand:
    ➡3 Style Case for Apple Watch:
    ➡RhinoShield Bumper Case:
    ➡RhinoShield website:
    ➡Apple Watch Portable Charger:
    ➡Apple Watch Charging Holder Dock:
    ➡Apple Watch Band Link Bracelet:
    ➡ Leather Band in the video:

  2. Hold up y on earth would u get a holding case for a watch, something u attach to ur wrist?

  3. Please give that watch to me

  4. Not a huge fan of the cases for the watches but eh if that’s your jam go for it

  5. Not honest and not fare review

  6. You legit sound drunk

  7. As someone who works in the luxury watch industry, Apples bracelets are really well crafted. The $20-$50 bracelets on amazon do not compare in quality. The solid links, hand finish, solid buckle and the attention to detail is very impressive. Of course it’s marked up high but the price is justified compared the luxury industry. Just hard to invest $500 for a bracelet when the watch will be obsolete in two years. If anyone has a solid recommendation for a bracelet for Apple Watch 5 around $100-$200 bucks let me know!

  8. The cases are terrible

  9. Hey, amazing review but the 3 in 1 wireless charger isn’t available on Amazon anymore, so I was just wondering where I could get the same product in Australia. Please let me know

  10. What is the competitors names that offer the same protection cases as the Rhino Shield one?

  11. When you only have series 3:

  12. ew…how could you recommend those rubber screen things…you have a $400 watch and you are slapping on a cheap thing…hell no (and no…it didnt make it look like stainless steel…it looked like you had a cheap knock-off made of plastic)

    why are you so aggressive at pressing the buttons on your watch…

    sorry due…but based on how you use the device, the weird recommendations, and the fact you early short had a filthy watch screen — i definitely would not take you advice or recommend this video to anyone…it just sounds like a kid trying to convince me a mudpie is delicious and worth the £10 they are selling it for

  13. What watch face is that?

  14. For a Qi base station, I’d recommend the SliceCharge Pro. They had some shipping and email issues, but seem to have hashed that out, and even opened sales through Amazon. I have yet to get one, but coming from the first SliceCharge, the Pro is a marked improvement. Worth checking out at least.

  15. i use a 40mm wet applicated screen protector on my apple watch 4 44mm and use spigen case. works perfectly

  16. I have the same goku

  17. What is the name of that band in the Thumbnail?

  18. The band never came in that company is ass

  19. My god, you’re very attractive ??

  20. Ugh i cant use rhinoshield cases becuz my watch is ceramic and it specifically says wont work for ceramic

  21. Buying a case for a watch seems so dumb for me. I just bought a stainless S4. For me Apple care seems like the best case. I can use the watch how it's intended to be used and still enjoy the beauty of this magnificent piece of tech.

  22. Charging Pad is out of stock

  23. I have a apple watch and AirPods could you listen to Spotify without your phone on your watch?

  24. The voice don’t match the face/body

  25. Where did you get that brown leather band? Very nice

  26. This video looks like someone acted for the camera and they dubbed in a different voice later.

  27. What kinda strap is that

  28. you need one of deez if you have one of deez

  29. the first time i saw your face

  30. I think just a rhino shield and a screen protector is good

  31. Xbox!! Yes!! Left 4 dead!

  32. Did i see my fitness pal app there 😀

  33. Does the LK screen protector work with the rhino shield Nx case?

  34. Thank you! Great info

  35. How to pair Apple Watch with iphone

  36. Hi, Can you provide a link to the Screen Protector?

  37. Do you use a passcode

  38. Where did you get the brown band? It looks great!

  39. Where is the grey strap from ?

  40. Is there any update to that video watch band accessory? I remember a scam-like operation with kickstarter called CMRA which led everyone to believe that it was going to be "released soon" which was like two years ago. I am so glad that I didn't send money to CMRA. I was wondering if Apple actually bought CMRA out (purchasing the patent) so that they could make the video watch band instead of allowing a 3rd party capitalizing on the idea. It would be sooo cool to have that watch band (so if some hot shot bad cop came to the drivers window during a traffic stop, the bad cop could be easily videotaped).

  41. ❗️⚠️Caution for those that want an all-round case!! ❗️⚠️

    If you work out or swim with your watch, the sweat/water WILL get in between the screen and case!! This might not be a problem for some, but I found it annoying to remove and clean the case and watch every time I worked out or swam. Especially because cleaning the case and trying to get every corner clean is very tedious as it is very small.

    I also found that even though the brand/case states that it does not affect the sensitivity of the screen, it usually does to some extent. And I have tried multiple brands and the results were always the same.

    I recommend that you just buy a case without the all-round protection and just separately buy a screen protector for the watch!

  42. Why do all the reviewers have a problem with the word “button”? Really

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