The new Apple Watch Series 5 was recently released and we got the best apple watch bands to unbox and review for you.

In this video I review the best bands available for under $20 for your Apple Watch Series 5 as well as all previous apple watch series models as well.

Link Bracelet –
Milanese Band –
Nylon Sport Band –
Rubber Sport Loop –
Leather Buckle –
Leather Pin &…

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  1. U should say which type of case is the watch ?

  2. Those magnetic Apple Watch bands Break

  3. can you update the links?

  4. So you have these links for the same products for the UK amazon site? I can't find these anywhere in the UK amazon!? Thanks in advance

  5. You put the three with loops on wrong. Yes, there is a right way. No, you are still wrong.

  6. Drinking game:
    Take a shot every time he says

    Closure style
    Pin & tuck
    Magnetic loop

  7. What an awesome bargain! Thanks!

  8. thanks for the review ??

  9. Can watch 4 bands be used in 5?

  10. Your amazon link for the Milanese band doesn’t work do you have another link for me I would like to buy the same as yours thx ?

  11. Forgive my ignorance, but will these wristbands work as well with the Nike Apple Watch series 5?

  12. All I need now is a Apple watch 5. Do you sell any?

  13. When do you think you will have the links to the link bands you reviewed?

  14. I really want this Apple Watch for my birthday present ???

  15. First two amazon links are not working.. by the way.. great review..

  16. WOW, I never knew you can change the bands on an Apple watch, this video is very helpful, and I personally like the brown leather pin and tuck band, seems comfy and beautiful at the same time and they are so darn easy to replace too, great job putting this video together my friend

  17. this is great Sergio, I love the turquoise and white, Nike sport and the black rubber, looks so easy to attach, love the magnetic one to, Im going to share with my friend and twitter, great review

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