Lisa Gade presents her top picks for fall 2019 back to school laptop shopping, focusing on high school and college notebook PCs. From midrange to top of the line, from super light Ultrabooks to gaming laptops, it’s all here. We’ve reviewed many of these laptops on our channel, so use that search function if you want to see the full reviews (sorry, there are too many to list in this description!). There are selections from most brands, including Acer, Dell, HP, Microsoft and MSI.

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  1. I really wish you could lay out at least the names of the Laptops in the description, would be a HUGE help

  2. Love the shirt!! Amazing

  3. The rtx 2060 can literally run any game at atleast 60+fps

  4. You should provide also links of your reviewed products so that easily we can buy them online…. and atleast name(s) and specifications of them

  5. hey
    please recommend the laptops to buy for IT students
    m very optimistic about the new project athena laptops and wanted some suggestions on the same with a budget around a 1000 ?

  6. Actually, among these laptops there are almost none for an average student purporse

  7. She looks like Linus's MOM

  8. "Not elementary or Kindergarten laptops"

    Me : Imagine being the privileged child that had that

  9. she has the coolest t-shirt collection I've ever seen

  10. I miss my grandma… when i watch this video i almost cry(My Grandma Is Dead)

  11. Where's the ThinkPad e490 and IdeaPad S540? They're cheap and get the work done
    A good collection otherwise

  12. Por middle school kids witch one would be more recommended ??

  13. Jedi Knight Gade your reviews are great, very objective. You give pros & cons on all laptops that u review. Just wondering if the Lenovo Yoga C940 would be good for students?

  14. First time seeing a video from this woman, and I just received more helpful information in a more concise way than any college class. Excellent!

  15. Who else goes to check out the price and is like ?

  16. I bought the Lenovo y720 i7 with 1TB hdd and 520ssd(?) a year ago or so and it is noisy as hell. Even when it's not running anything… since I've watched reviews about the Hp spectre x360 I kind of regret buying the Lenovo:))) I'm trying to find a way to return it hahah. I'm starting university next fall and I can't carry that monster around (it is one heavy computer let me tell you that) for 3-5 years

  17. I commented on her review of the Dell Inspiron 13 Black Edition 2-in-1 and forgot to thank her for her great reviews. THANK YOU Lisa! Please keep up the good work.

  18. Can you be my grandmother ?

  19. Yep. I trust you

  20. What would you get for yourself? For business, graphics art and Gaming.

  21. You don't need a new pc every time you go back to school. Buy second hand!

  22. Matebook x pro missing

  23. Needs some music or something else that makes much more enjoyable

  24. “I know people have budgets “ thank you!

  25. Can someone list the laptops she's saying… I can't keep up

  26. it's like my grandma giving me laptop advice just that she's actually smart with this

  27. adamlar 1500 dolara en lüks laptop alırlar bizde aynı laptopu 15 bine alırız acıyom lan kendimize yeminle

  28. Anyone recommend me a laptop with 13-inch screen, good battery, good keyboard, i5 CPU, 16GB RAM. ??✌️?

  29. Pre-ordered a msi prestige 15, 4k display and I can't wait for it. Hopefully it's good ?. I need portability and overall good in everything. Already got a desktop for gaming, so not needing a gaming laptop.

  30. That razer blade 15” advance reminds me so much of my first MacBook Pro in 2007. I loved that laptop so much until it died.

  31. Incredibly comprehensive review. Gained 1 subscriber. Thanks for the insight.

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