These headphones are half the price of Apple AirPod’s and have an inbuilt powerbank! Watch and see my review now! Check out my brand new podcast: ↓↓ Click “show more” for the DEAL LINKS FOR TODAY ↓↓

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In this video The Deal Guy has found the best bluetooth headphones at a budget price. These best…

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  1. I have one of this and they both connected to Bluetooth but ONLY ONE PLAY SOUND – they don’t work simultaneously!! Can someone help me ? I got an iPhone 7 plus

  2. Ok so what's the brand? Didn't see or hear that

  3. What is it called

  4. The link isn't working. Where can I find these?

  5. Haha badass, how does Marilyn Mansons heavier music sound in these earbuds? Not wanting rattling Bass just want something that makes rock and metal sound great.

  6. I bought this it was too big for my ears and they have a no refund policy. Not happy

  7. Hi Matt, I bought one an when it arrived I tried charging it but the unit still showed the red LED light on even after 24 hours. I then tried the ear buds. sound quality was OK not great. I ended up returning it for a refund.

  8. I like the built in power bank feature! Thxs Matt!

  9. Looks like a great X-mas presence

  10. Would these be good for working out/running?

  11. What??? So cool

  12. Its only 3hr playtime and the Powerbank is only 430mAh – I don't think that will recharge my basic android phone more than 30 or 40%

  13. Hello Matt I was wondering any deals on a digital frame. I want to get for my husband for Fathers Day. Thanks love watching

  14. What is the sound like? The price might be great, but if the sound is horrible, it really isn’t worth it.

  15. Just checked Amazon for reviews and pix of the DSM after watching the vid. Couldn’t find these ear buds. Agree with other commenters, would like to hear about sound quality, phone & sound controls, water resistance, etc.

  16. This is awesome!

  17. Pretty cool product. But what about sound quality?

  18. Matt, how is the sound quality?

  19. I wish there were ear buds out there for those who have very small ear canals. I have tried so many different ones and even the small size is too big. I’m sure there are lots of people with same issue so would be great if some of these companies would try to accommodate everyone.

  20. They have found that wearing ear buds or any ear plugs or bad for you …after my mom had ear surgery so that she could hear better after years of not having 100% hearing…he said NOTHING should be put in your ears unless it's your elbow..Meaning not even a Q tip.

  21. I've only seen like 2 really good wireless ear buds ill give this one a shot

  22. Thanks, Matt. My earbuds are on their way. I hope they're as good as you say they are

  23. thanks for the bluetooth wireless earbuds

  24. Do they work with Androids? ?

  25. cool video tech talk the deal guy matt

  26. Thank you for all the great deals.

  27. Your shirts not tucked in. I bet you aren’t wearing pants. Bravo ? This is how I’d work from home too.

    Thanks for the deal

  28. Cool stuff. Thanks!

  29. Thanks Matt for all the products you have shown…. …. Goooo BROWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Matt! These, Are, Awesome!

  31. Have a blessed day!

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